standard deviation

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    Finding IRQ from standard deviation and normal distribution

    Here's my problem. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated: A report provided a standard deviation on waiting time to single room occupancy hotels to be 12.9 days. Given that the waiting times follow a Normal distribution, what is the IQR here (single number)? Thanks in advance!!
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    Question Help ASAP!

    The scores on a standardized English placement exam are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a variance of 81. The top 10% of students will be placed in an Honours English class. What score must a student get on the placement test in order to be placed in Honours English? THANKS!!
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    Won't Repeated Measures GLM give estimated Standard Deviations ?

    Hello, I am novice so I hope that my question formuling will be understandable.. I am using the RM GLM and wonder whether some option (I doubt) or a syntax command would let SPSS calculate my between subjects factors' estimated Standard Deviations, similarly to the Means and Standard...
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    statistics applied to flow

    Hi there, I have been trying to solve the problem below, but have had difficulties in solving it. I would really appreciate it if anyone could explain to me how to solve it. The standard deviation of the flow is s=0.3 occuring where the mean concentration is 0.9. The mean concentration is...
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    Impulse Response Functions

    I have obtained point estimates for impulse response functions. How can I tell if it's values are significant?
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    multiplying Standard error of means

    Hi guys, I am new here (and also to statistics :o). I have a data set of many measurements. For each one of them I calculated the mean and the SD (deviation). From that I calculated separately for each of the data set a SEM. Now I would like to multiply, divide add and subtract this data...
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    Normal Distribution & possible Standard Deviation error

    I have collected final sales data for over 12,000 sales of a single particular item. The prices range from $0.01 to a little over $4.00. I calculate a mean of $0.60. My problem is my standard deviation is $0.58. That doesn't make sense to me. If I move 2sd to the left I am at a negative number...
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    "averaging" standard deviations

    Hello, I've been given the mean and standard deviation of many sets of the same measurement (bead size). So, I basically have a list of means and a list of corresponding standard deviations. I need to pool and analyze the data to figure out the overall distribution of bead size over these...
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    Difference between standard deviation and standard error

    Hi, what exactly is the difference between the SD and SE? I read through the wikipedia article but dont really understand the difference. Can anyone help? Cheers beginner