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  1. consumerisms

    What statistical analysis and how?

    Hello everyone, I am studying the effects of framing on food neophobia and the purchase likelihood of novel foods. Currently, I have made a pre-test where I have 4 conditions and 1 control condition where they are pictures with messages framed a certain way (emotion-promotion...
  2. M

    Which statistical test?

    Which test can I use for analyzing the effect of a categorical independent variable, such as preoperative ASA score (1/2/3/4), on a binary dependent variable, such as postoperative complication (yes/no)? I know that the chi squared test is an option, but this test does not tell me if the...
  3. B

    What Statistical Designs should I use?

    Hi! We're making a Design of Experiment that involves the use of rubber band and egg shell to see of it affect compression strength of a concrete. So, we make a proportion of the cement and two control variables in interval like 1. 100:0:0 2. 50: 50 :0 3. 50: 0: 50 4. 50: 25: 25 5. 50: 75...
  4. I

    Problem on Tests on mean and variance

    I need some help. It is a problem from a book called Theory of Multivariate Statistics, by Martin Bilodeau and David Brenner. It is from unit 8 (Tests on mean and variance), problem 14. Does anybody know this :)?
  5. A

    help identifying name of statistic, logistic regression

    Hello, This is probably a very basic question, but I'm wanting to identify the name of a statistic. A professor I consulted with had written out the formula for me (attached) and I had thought this was a z-score, but she said at some point that it's not, it's another kind of statistic. She is...
  6. P

    Anova test post-hoc error

    Dear All, Please help me with my statistics... I am using 5 different dimensions to interpret the correlation among them. For instance, Burnout is negatively related to engagement. All dimensions have at least 3 Lickert scale data. Now, I would interpret the analysis among them, trying with...
  7. H

    small sample size problems

    Hi i'm doing my master thesis and i'm searching for a way to analyse differences with small samples. The smallest is n=4 (1vs 3). Is there an option to analyse potential significant differences with this small samples? I don't think so but i'm pretty new in statistics, so i would be glad to...
  8. R

    Normality test: missing p value for some variables

    Hi! I am trying to run normality test for 3 variables and I am just getting p value for one of them. Has someone faced this problem before? Thank you for the help!
  9. D

    Stattistical test for multiple reponses

    Hi to everyone, I ran a survey and one question was to indicate which accommodation (hotels, apartment, b&b, ...) respondents prefer when travelling. Thery were allowed to select more than one option. The survey was completed by two different groups: university students and workers aged 25-35...
  10. J

    Statistical tests for SPSS - which is the most appropriate?

    I'm a little confused on what statistical test(s) I should use in SPSS, and hope that someone could enlighten me. Research is looking into the relationship between breed size and how an owner manages certain behavioural problems. A questionnaire has been used to collect behavioural data from...
  11. N

    Hypothesis analysis for mouse growth

    I have the mouse growth data as shown below. There are two cages. Cage-1 has 'type-A' mouse and Cage-2 has 'Type-B' mouse. Each cage has 4 mouses. Every week each mouse weight and total food consumption per cage are recorded. I want to do the hypothesis testing and find which type of mouse...
  12. J

    Statistical Tests

    I am currently completing my dissertation and I need to compare some wave data. I have the forecast wave heights and the actual wave heights. I need to find how accurate the forecast wave heights were and therefore need the correct statistical test or multiple! Thank you, Jess
  13. R

    Which Statistical test is it?

    Any chance anyone knows the answer to this? I know it's not paired t-test but don't know which of the others it is A hotel manager would like to test whether the average time taken for customers to complete the hotel's online booking form is less than 5 minutes. She selects a sample of 40...
  14. M

    Forward selection of non significant variables

    Hi, In SAS Enterprise Miner, I trained a logistic regression with forward selection and AIC criteria. I grouped rare levels for categorical variables. One of these variables was selected by the algorithm but the coefficients of all categories were statistically not significant (different...
  15. V

    2 Sample Distribute

    ROA is an indicator how profitable a company Is relative to its assets. Note: I know I haven't given the dataset.
  16. S

    Mann-Kendall - Data

    Dear Everyone, I am currently use Mann-Kendall Test to test on Stream Flow. I would like to ask, Is there any rule or minimum requirement of data (years) in order to run Mann-Kendall test at monthly scale? If I have only 8 years of daily stream flow, can I run Mann-Kendall? Best Regards
  17. S

    Selecting of statistical test?

    I have a study whereby I asked two groups of participants (Clients (N=76) and Professionals (N=62) what qualities would make a treatment interaction positive and what qualities would make a treatment interaction negative. As part of my analysis I have totalled: - the number of positive...