statistical analysis

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    Calculating ensemble value for data with non-gaussian errors

    I have 10 data points each of which have non-symmetric (i.e., non-Gaussian) errors. That is, if 'a' is the central value (representing the median), then a^{+b}_{-c} means that 'b' is the positive 1-sigma error and 'c' is the negative 1-sigma error. I want to be able to get a representative value...
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    which statistical tests to use?

    Hi, I am very new to statistics. I have some data that I would like to perform additional statistical analysis on it. The data is related to two groups of people. Group 1: control group Group 2: people with obesity Group 2 is following a healthy food plan. Measurements are being...
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    Chi Square or T Tests for Likert Scale Type Survey

    So I have a 4 point likert-type scale with approximately 20 questions. I have categorized each item to be either agree or disagree. I mainly did this because the previous person who used this scale did this. However, that person only displayed frequency data for it and did not run any tests for...
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    Which type of analysis should I do? HELP!! Dissertation Issues!

    Finally getting back to research for my dissertation after a 4 year break from the classroom!! need some help on which analyses are best for some of the following scenarios. Thanks!! 1-test the statistical significance of and type of relationship between a DV (scale level of measure—i.e...
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    Statistical analysis - Work Delay - Some tests relations

    Suppouse that we have a dataframe called dataWork with data from a database. There are several variables and 2 of them are: - Delay: time (minutes) to get to work (could be empty) - Nocturnal: 0 (work by day) 1 (work by night) we want to know the relation between delay and nocturnal. So...
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    Different samples

    Hello everyone I have the following doubt How can I prove that the data of different samples (sample 1 and sample 2) have similar behaviors? Graphically I can see that they have similar behavior, but how can I prove with a statistical test? I appreciate your answers Thanks so much...
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    Help with Statistical distributions

    Hello I have the following doubt, I hope you can help me, I really appreciate it - I have a population of 500 businesses - A sample of the businesses with the highest sales (200 businesses) - Each business can sell many products, but I would like to know the behavior of only one group or...
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    Need help in deciding whether to use parametric test or non parametric test ?

    I am working on an assignment. I have sample study of 9 participants suffering from a mental disorder and the participants mood scores are being measured at three time points after subjecting these participants to a new intervention.The mood scores are normally distributed. Should I run a...
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    Which analysis represents better the "worse-ness" of my linear regression?

    Hello all, If I have two sets of data points, for instance: 1 10 2 14 3 17 4 12 5 19 and 1 10 2 14 3 17 4 12 100 112 The linear regression is bad for the first set and good for the second, if you look at R^2, but it is still a bad line. I was told that...
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    2x2x3 Anova, what will it tell me?

    Hi - I would like to compare the means of a DV (emotional intelligence) between three different variables, those being; 1) Gender (are the emotional intelligence scores between males and females significantly different etc. etc.) 2) Group (again with two levels - one group with a disability...
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    Examine the effect of one independent var

    Hi, I want to examine the effect of still images (independent var) with two levels (monochromatic and multi-color) on mood perception (dependent var) of participants. What is the appropriate analysis I must conduct in this case? Furthermore, I conduct a regression analysis to examine the...
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    Which statistical test should be used?

    Take a quiz and refresh your knowledge in selecting the appropriate statistical test/procedure to answer a given research question. This assessment (25 MCQ+ brief demographic questionnaire) is designed for graduate students in social and behavioral sciences and developed as a component of a...
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    Pillai’s Trace

    Of the 4 test statistics commonly used for MANOVA why is Pillai’s Trace used most often?
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    Help with interpretation

    Hello everyone, I tried to do cluster analysis for my class, but I'm not sure how to interpret the plot I got. Can anyone help me with that please? Thanks, Tomer.
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    Which statistical analysis to run?

    Hi All, I'm currently working on my psychology project however, struggling with the results section; I'm not quite sure which analysis to run. My research is on problematic internet use and impulsivity. I have a questionnaire on problematic internet use which has 3 scales of obsession...
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    Policy chance analysis - time series count data

    Hi, I need some help to determine my approach. For a school project I would like to examine the effect of a policy change in the Danish registration law for certain cars, happening in june 2007. I have a dataset with the number of registrations pr. month from jan-97 to dec-15. If I put...
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    Statistical Analysis for Heart Monitors

    Hi everyone, I am an English person who's never taken statistics (yikes, right?). Well, now I'm working a job where I need some ideas of what kinds of statistical analysis might be used to make sure that medical devices (heart monitors in this case) are working properly. I'm writing a...
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    Questions on data complexity beyond my stats knowledge: what stats tests to use?

    Hi everyone, sorry for this long post. I tried to be detailed, but if anything is unclear, please let me know. I consulted two stats friends for help but neither was familiar with the type of experimental design described below. Thank you for your time and expertise in advance. I'd deeply...
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    How do i analyze the following results statistically?

    In an animal experiment study, efficacy/preference of an energy drink was compared against the individual compounds present in it. 3 groups were designed for the study. Gr1 received energy drink, food and compound 1 (one of the 3 major compounds of energy drink) Gr2 received energy drink...
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    Statistics for regional disease risk factors

    Hi, I've data set collected from 700 sheep farms from 5 regions of England (north, south, East, West, Central). The aim is find out if climate variables (maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall) are predictors for animal disease in the regions, so the outcome variable (y) = number of...