statistical analysis

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    Pillai’s Trace

    Of the 4 test statistics commonly used for MANOVA why is Pillai’s Trace used most often?
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    Help with interpretation

    Hello everyone, I tried to do cluster analysis for my class, but I'm not sure how to interpret the plot I got. Can anyone help me with that please? Thanks, Tomer.
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    Which statistical analysis to run?

    Hi All, I'm currently working on my psychology project however, struggling with the results section; I'm not quite sure which analysis to run. My research is on problematic internet use and impulsivity. I have a questionnaire on problematic internet use which has 3 scales of obsession...
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    Policy chance analysis - time series count data

    Hi, I need some help to determine my approach. For a school project I would like to examine the effect of a policy change in the Danish registration law for certain cars, happening in june 2007. I have a dataset with the number of registrations pr. month from jan-97 to dec-15. If I put...
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    Statistical Analysis for Heart Monitors

    Hi everyone, I am an English person who's never taken statistics (yikes, right?). Well, now I'm working a job where I need some ideas of what kinds of statistical analysis might be used to make sure that medical devices (heart monitors in this case) are working properly. I'm writing a...
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    Questions on data complexity beyond my stats knowledge: what stats tests to use?

    Hi everyone, sorry for this long post. I tried to be detailed, but if anything is unclear, please let me know. I consulted two stats friends for help but neither was familiar with the type of experimental design described below. Thank you for your time and expertise in advance. I'd deeply...
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    How do i analyze the following results statistically?

    In an animal experiment study, efficacy/preference of an energy drink was compared against the individual compounds present in it. 3 groups were designed for the study. Gr1 received energy drink, food and compound 1 (one of the 3 major compounds of energy drink) Gr2 received energy drink...
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    Statistics for regional disease risk factors

    Hi, I've data set collected from 700 sheep farms from 5 regions of England (north, south, East, West, Central). The aim is find out if climate variables (maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall) are predictors for animal disease in the regions, so the outcome variable (y) = number of...
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    what is the objective of yeast dataset?

    Recently, l started working on yeast data ( My goal is to do an exploratory statistics upon these data, l applied PCA (principal component analysis ) as a tool of analysis. However l'm not aware of the objective of yeast data , l finally found some...
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    Regional analysis of disease risk factors

    I'm working with a large data set looking at climate variables e.g maximum, minimum temperature etc to see whether these could be risk factors for the regional variation for a sheep disease in 5 different regions within a country. The dependent variable is disease count (number of cases)...
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    Identifying relevant predictors and interactions

    I have a data set comprising of 12,000 observations and 1,100 potential predictors (continuous and nominal) for a binary outcome/target variable. The research question is to identify interesting predictors and interactions for the binary outcome/target variable. Given the large number of...
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    Choosing test for dependent anonymous sample comparisons

    I have data collected each year from 2010-2015. In this data I have demographic information and a self-reported score on a 5 pt Likert scale. The surveys were anonymous but I know that many of the same people were surveyed each year. I would like to compare the self-reported score across years...
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    Similarity, Dissimilarity Test

    Hello all, I am a graduate student. For my research, I am dealing with traffic data of different time period (such as June 2014 vs July 2015) of the same road at rush hours. So I have a set of data from June 2014 and the data for the same road during rush hours at July 2015. Now I would loke to...
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    Comparing categorical and numerical results simultaneously

    Hi all, This question is in regards to options for analysing a dataset. I have a dataset where we have 23 video clips that have been treated using three different algorithms to change how each clips looks. Each treatment has then been viewed by a number of scientists to try and identify the...
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    Probability of goals in a football match?

    I am trying to work out the probability of teams scoring a goal in a football match. Obviously there are many factors to consider, and the probability is impossible to predict correctly as there are many factors that will change in a football match. However i want to figure out the probability...
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    Statistical significance of deviation from a complex-valued model

    I have complex-valued data. At each one of about 100 linearly spaced x values, I have a corresponding measurement of a complex quantity with well-defined Gaussian uncertainties on both the real and complex parts. For the simplest applicable physical model, the data should be described by a...
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    Finding degree of difference

    I am given two sets of data collected by two different people. The data in includes the variables area, production and productivity of coconut. Now, how do I find the degree of difference? This topic is completely new to me. The data collected by both do not seem to be comparable. The area...
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    Assistance Requested in Determining the Appropriate Statistical Analysis

    I am developing a mock research proposal. The study will be a RCT of 100 women from a health clinic. Both groups complete an initial questionnaire as well as a follow up questionnaire (same as the baseline minus the socio-demographic portion). Both are asked to set up an appointment for a cancer...
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    Estimating Multilevel Logistic Regression Models

    The following multilevel logistic model with one explanatory variable at level 1 (individual level) and one explanatory variable at level 2 (group level) : \text{logit}(p_{ij})=\pi_{0j}+\pi_{1j}x_{ij}\ldots (1) \pi_{0j}=\gamma_{00}+\gamma_{01}z_j+u_{0j}\ldots (2)...
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    Need quick help for completing thesis in time

    Under statistical analysis this was the revised statement from my professor i cant understand what the % of cases mean ? Is it the number of participants? there where many participants,but i selected only a group of participants from the data set. Can someone help ? SPSS for windows (IBM...