statistical analysis

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    What are some statistical tests for the relationship between two variables?

    Hi, I posted previously, but I haven't got any response, I assume its more appropriate to post in this forum, that's why I'm posting again. How do I test the relationship between Govt. Spending on Police and the Number of robberies (annually) I have 51 data points. I've done Pearson's, I...
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    T-test help with determining whether its 1 or 2 tailed?

    Hi, I need to perform a t-test to determine the relationship between US govt spending on Police and the number of Rapes annually. So I have 53 data points (53 years each variable) Firstly, can I use a t-test for this data? My first problem is that I don't get whether I should call this a one...
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    interactive query computation for statistical analysis

    The decision support is based on the query computations on the existing database. The interactive query is the basic need of end users. The accurate and complete retrieval conditions can help user get the required data from the database. At present, there are two kinds of interactive query...