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    Big data analysis - What statistical method should I use?

    I am currently working on my master thesis that is investigating textual factors of "viral headlines". My professor gave me a data set for R that contains about 4.000 packages. Each package has about 3 -5 different headlines of the same article, and their resulting click rate. Somewhat like an...
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    What are the types of statistical tests/analysis which I can do here ?

    Dear All, I am writing my Master Thesis on the concept of 4-day work week...this is about how employees instead of working 5 days a only for 4 days a week...since the concept is relatively new..mine is an exploratory study... In this study there are three parts - Part 1 - I cover...
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    What tests to carry out when all variables are categorical?

    Hello to one and all, I am doing a Research Project for my Master degree course. One of my Research Questions in my Project is: How do employees in <”name of country”> perceive the concept of <”an upcoming concept related to how employees work”> ? I need to take a survey in order to answer the...
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    Comparing the mean of two tests within subjects with different scores

    Hi, I need to analyse these data in which I basically have the same subjects doing -the first half of the test in condition A with a score from 0 to 3 -the second half of the test in condition B with a score from 0 to 12. I cannot make them equal because the second scoring system allows a...
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    How do you start solving a statistical problem? Topic - Goodness of fit criteria.

    At the university, I was given the following task in statistics in topic Goodness of fit (and probability): Previously, people often used tables of random numbers (for example, when they did not have access to a computer with the necessary statistical software). Such tables can be found in...
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    Statistical test for app

    The tool I'm building will show two (or more images) to an audience of 100 people. The audience will select one of the options. For the customers of the tool, I want to be able to tell them something such as "Option A was chosen x% more than Option B. With 95% certainty, Option A is your better...
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    Normalizing traits/statistics based on trait count for each trait type

    My goal is to create an app that calculates rarity scores of traits. The rarity score is a formula like so: Rarity score = 1/(%Chance Of occurrence) Let's say I have a trait that has 10% chance of occurring. The rarity score for this trait will be: 10 = 1/(10%). This score will be without...
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    Is the difference between two groups bigger, then x2 value bigger and p value smaller?

    For chi-square test or other tests involving x2 and p value, is it true that if the difference between two groups is bigger, then x2 value is bigger and p value is smaller?
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    Unequal sample size of 2 groups data. Will it affect the ANOVA result?

    Hi All, I have a doubt. I have a dataset attached in the below image. I am doing ANOVA on the dataset to findout Dosage have a significant effect on Injected_timing. But I have unequal data(For person1 , there is 2 morning and 1 evening data. For person2, there is 2 morning and 1 evening...
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    trying to find the probability of a certain price in the oil market being touched within a time frame

    I have built a model that predicts closing prices of the oil market. My goal is to make a model that can help find the probability of reaching a certain price within a certain time frame but I am lost. For example, if oil is at 60.00 a barrel, I would like to know how to find the probability of...
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    'not randomly generated' what does the even mean?!?

    As expressed in this question: The telephone numbers for a region of a state have an area code of 570. The next seven digits represent the local telephone numbers for that region. A local telephone number cannot begin with a 0 or 1. Your cousin lives within the given area code. What is the...
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    how can I solve this lottery probability?

    Lottery consists of 50 tickets, amongst them five tickets with a prize of €10, three tickets with a prize of €5. The rest are empty. What is the probability of buying three lottery tickets and all having prizes?
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    Shannon Diversity Index - Do you need the same species across sites to compare?

    Hello, I comparing fish diversity from the years 2013 to 2018 in a freshwater river system. There are however different species present in some years. Can I still use the Shannon Index to compare diversity? I have attached my calculations below. Thank you!
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    Which test to use? one predictor variable and 3 dependent variables

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I am conducting research for my thesis looking at relationship between social connectedness (IV), and diabetes distress, diabetes self-management and perceived competence (DVs). All are continuous variables measured on self-report likert scale...
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    Multivariate logistic regression?

    Hi! With my master thesis project, I only use categorical data. I have one independent variabele, with four categories. My dependent variables are dichotomous (yes/no). I would like to use logistic regression to calculate the odds that when the categories of my independent variable are...
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    Post-hoc test interpretation

    Hi all, I'm struggling to understand my post hoc test, following a significant ANCOVA analysis. for some quick background, my study is on chronotype (whether you're a morning, evening or neither person) and how this links to impulsivity. ANCOVA found a significant main effect of chronotype on...
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    Instability equation

    Hi all, I am currently doing a research about certain blood protein and am having problems with calculation of its stability. I know I should use instability equation but it seems I can't find the right formula. I had 20 blood samples that were measured in duplicates in three time points (t0...
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    R and Stats: Multiple t-testing

    So 60 labs decided to group up to test the null hypothesis (sample mean is equal to zero) against the alternative (sample mean is not). The 60 labs collect 10 samples each and all use an α = 0.05 level. Assuming the null hypothesis is true: a) Probability that no labs reject the null? b)...
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    25% of all students enrolled in high school XYZ are taking Algebra. 30 students are chosen at random. Find the probability that exactly 7 students out of the 30 chosen are taking Algebra? Use the Binomial Probability Distribution. a. ≈≈16.86% b. ≈≈15.58% c. ≈≈16.62% d. ≈≈15%
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    Research Presentation Help

    Hello, I am stressing for an introductory business statistics class for university. I currently have the top 200 point getters from the 2018-2019 NHL regular season data tabulated along with each players respective cap hit (or salary) for the season. I am extremely struggling to decide and...