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    Simple probability problem

    A glass jar contains 55 red and 25 blue marbles. What's the probability of choosing a red marble 16 times in a row. After a pick the marbles don't go back in the jar. Also what is the probability of picking 16 red marbles in a row if this experiment is repeated 10 and 20 times. Thanks
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    Probability Question

    Hello I am reviewing one of my exams for my final and am very confused when it comes to this question; The probability that at least one of the two chosen patients are less than 35 years old? Given: the sample size is 100. 43/100 of the patients are less than 35 and they are drawn at random...
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    I do not understand..

    Could someone list the steps using excel, mathcad, and/or minitab. Thank you. 1. Did the eight divisions in professional football score equally well on average? Justify your answer. 2. Compare the scoring performance of the two conferences. (I already asked a teacher for help and they did...
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    Kaplan Meier and Log Rank

    Hi all, I am doing cognitive testing and the subjects have 20 possible trials to reach criterion (90% accuracy). In my spreadsheet, I have it laid out as Column1: treatment group, column2: trials to reach criterion, Column3: status(whether or not they reached criterion). Is it appropriate to...
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    historical demographics from Census schedules - how to compare? what test to use?

    I have 1900 Census schedule sheets for several boarding schools. Ive gone through the trouble of transcribing the schedule sheets into a database, recording age, gender, race and place of birth of the students at each of the school. I want to compare each of the schools data to a model that I...
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    I Need Help with Poisson Distribution Problem!!

    I don't know where to even start with this Poisson Dist. problem, can anyone help me solve this??? The Hillel Sandwich Shop specializes in delivery of sandwiches in New York's financial district. Customers phone or fax Hillel their orders, which are then delivered directly to the customer's...
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    trying to figure how to create a stem/leaf chart

    hello to all. I have a homework assignment where i have to find the mean, median, mode, variance, etc. i did everything except the stem and leaf chart. I know what a stem and leaf chart is but in my home work example i get a little confused on how to do it exactly. This is the data chart...
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    Which test for my data analysis?

    Following this paragraph is my method to my research proposal. The next step I need to do is the planned analysis. I have absolutely no idea how to take the data from my research question (which for this class are fake numbers) and decide what to do with it. I know I need a test (T-test, ANOVA...
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    Correlation Help!!

    At a recent scotch-tasting party, 5 faculty members and their (opposite sex) spouses were guzzling it back pretty well. One person quite correctly noticed that the men seemed to be drinking more than the women. If the mean number of drinks had by the men was 7, and that for the women was 5, and...
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    95% Confidence Interval for Regression Coefficients Question

    Hello all, I have been trying to figure out how to answer these homework questions for far too long and happened upon this forum with hopes that I could get a nudge in the right direction…Here is the problem as an attachment. Also included is my work thus far…I think my issue is...
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    Statistics in Movies

    Dear Friends, We are planning to organize a statistics workshop for high school students. In this workshop, we need to screen a movie which uses statistics and also a funny and entertaining movie. If you know any such movie which attracts audience towards statistics, please let me know...
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    Question about what test to run when comparing groups.

    I am doing a research study on the effects of study methods on exam performance. I have already administered a survey and collected data from students asking them what study method they plan to use on an upcoming exam (highlighting, re-reading, or self-testing). All students were required to...
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    Random variables and probability distributions

    The question i need help to is below: Laboratory tests on a large shipment [several thousands] of radios revealed that 6.5% are defective. On arrival of the shipment at the local distributor, 30 of the radios were randomly selected for a promotion. (a) Define the random variable for...
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    regression? model change over time

    Hey all! This is a question about methods. I am really noob but want to learn. If you have a book or papers to suggest that is helpful to! How can you model change over time? Dependent variable: Interest Rate 1980(IR80), Interest Rate 2000(IR00). I have these for many institutions. Can a new...
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    How can I analyse a likert scale with only one sample? Any help would be appreciate:)

    I have a likert scale (1-5) and one sample (young females). I am investigating whether they find a particular trait in a male attractive. What test could I use to analyse this? If anyone could help (and answer as simply as possible) I would be so, so thankful. Many thanks
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    Struggling to select right stats test.

    Hi there folks, I'm fairly new to science, love the learning, daunted by the statistics. I've recently finished a summer-long experiment in the lab, and am trying to write it up, but every time I think I've picked the right statistical analysis to run on the data I get cold feet and become...
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    Correlational statistics such as pearson product moment and regression analysis

    Reading through previous threads I fear my question will sound very basic in comparison! I am currently researching the appropriate statistical tools for my upcoming dissertation. I am basically looking at the relationship between two variables using two surveys. I understand the whole concept...
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    Which statistical test? GEE?

    Hello! I'm currently playing which my data and am unsure about the statistical test to use. I have MRI data from 25 patients. I have 4 (predetermined) lesion types and a control area from which I obtained MRI values. Not all patients have all lesion types, some patients have several of the...
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    Stats question..Please help!

    Need help with this question ASAP. It is very important. Fiona takes part in two different choice-reaction time tasks as part of her research participation requirements for her psychology degree. After the experiment, the researcher tells Fiona that her reaction time was 270 milliseconds for...
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    Basic R-Software command questions (S.O.S)

    Hello. I just recently started to learn R, therefore, I am not very familiar with the commands. I will be more than grateful if someone explain how to input the following problems in R. I really want to learn to be good with this software. Thank you. Bob asks Alice for lunch together...