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    need help in stats question pls!!

    A manager of an apartment store reports that the time of a customer on the second floor must wait for the elevator has a uniform distribution ranging from to 1 to 4 minutes. If it takes the elevator 15 seconds to go from floor to floor, find the probability that a hurried customer can reach the...
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    What Statistical test would be most appropriate?

    I have collected data on physical activity and well-being through two separate questionnaires. I want to check whether there is an association between the two variables. I have have used spearmans rank currently but I am not sure this is the right. My sample size is very small (n=7) making it...
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    Binomial Probability Questions

    For the delivery process, there are 25 delivery vehicles available, of which 23 is required to be operating at any time to give reliable service. During the past 1560 days, the number of days that there was only 23 vehicles available was 190 days, only 22 vehicles available was 22 days, only 21...
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    Stats Question

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    Statistical tests - help please!

    Hi all, I am writing a project plan and I am struggling with the statistical analysis plan as I am in the early stages of learning. I was hoping someone could guide me with what stats tests I could conduct with the following primary endpoint - thank you. Alternative hypothesis: treatment is...
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    Stats help - please!

    Hi all, I am writing a project proposal: randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial, I will be investigating treatment vs air. Participants will be asked to inhale the treatment or high-flow air (placebo). In this case, would a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test be more appropriate...
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    Sample size calculation

    Dear all, I am going to be carrying out a study, however, there is insufficient data to inform us of some information to calculate the sample size. Would be best to use effect size to calculate the sample size then? Thank you in advance,
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    Having a girl the same as AT LEAST one girl? CONFUSION!!

    It’s a combinatorics project for my beginner stats class. I’ve done the project several times and keep getting it wrong. The question reads: “ Is having a girl the same event as having AT LEAST one girl?” AND then it asks me: “Is it possible to calculate these probabilities?” This project is...
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    Stats are more interesting than it used to

    youtube channel In the era of internet stats are more ineresting than ever before. 4 example I found this on Youtube. Merry Christmas :)
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    NLS with real data

    I have data that has length, age and density (counts) and i am trying to model this data to see if density at birth has an influence on length. Since my response variable reaches a plateau i know i will need a non linear model. Can anyone help me with how to go about fitting a non linear model...
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    Statistical tests for SPSS - which is the most appropriate?

    I'm a little confused on what statistical test(s) I should use in SPSS, and hope that someone could enlighten me. Research is looking into the relationship between breed size and how an owner manages certain behavioural problems. A questionnaire has been used to collect behavioural data from...
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    Correlation analysis: spearman or pearson

    Hi, We are conducting research on the relationship between self esteem and aggression. We have aggression scores and self esteem scores and we want to find out if there is a significant difference in the relationship by gender. We have ran a pearson's correlation for the relationship for the...
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    Statistical test for multiple raters

    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding the right statistical test to use to analyze the following situation. I was wondering if anyone has an idea! There are two independent cohorts, 1 and 2, who received different surgical procedure. I want to compare cosmetic outcomes of these cohorts. To do...
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    Item Response Theory (IRT) and Response Time (Millisecond)

    Greetings from Spain, I have a question My doctoral thesis professor and I want to apply IRT to a series of neuropsychological tests (STROOP, Ekman, Discounting Test among others) The bibliography on the subject is almost nonexistent. Can this model be applied for continuous variables? Can ms...
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    Computing relative score for % Values distribution ?

    Hi , I have a survey % values in the following order (in the attachment) with Survey campaign no A1 to A19, and its percentage value i.e (number of surveys successful/total surveys)*!00 , ? Now I have to score the survey campaign such that the min and max values are in the band of 1 to 10 i.e...
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    Best approach of reliability

    Hi If im trying to measure the reliability of my test, which is aimed to measure defense mechanisms. and theres 2 types of defense mechanism, for example avoidance and emotional support, what is the best approach of reliability I should use? is my test considered unidimensional?
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    Logistic Regression: Estimate

    TestTrans YTrans N TotalRRRR055104.7%50.0%131691005.7%31.0%Total3674
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    Which statistical tests to use?

    I am currently looking to carry out some statistical analysis on some research for my dissertation. I am evaluating the impact of a training programme on the number of incidents related to the training subject across several health boards. I have data on the number of training passes for each...
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    Stats Novice: Help finding if 1 value affects another

    Apologies I have learning trouble and stats are a particularly weak point. Im doing research on 10 animals species, and their conservation status at 3 time periods. (1990, 2009, 2017). Statuses range of 7 values, from data deficient, threatened ect. to extinct. Against the number of...
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    Simulating a ranking/draft system in R

    Trying to simulate a draft/ranking system based on prior, already existing individual team rankings in R. Here is the full link to the question: