1. R

    Stats Homework Help

    Hey Everyone! :) I am stuck on some stats homework questions! Hoping someone can help me out.. 1. A friend flips a coin 10 times and says that the probability of getting a head is 60% because he got six heads. Is the friend referring to an estimated probability or the​ probability's true​...
  2. S

    SOS-Where to begin on this complex data set and what Stat Model to use?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time EVER posting anything on the web for help, so here it goes. Recently I applied for a job and they sent me over this complex data set as part of the interview process. Of course I failed miserably and tried everything I could with excel. I would like...
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    Statpedia: Looking for feedback & help

    Hello, My team and I recently created an open project for people to create charts in a super easy way. I thought I would share it with this group for suggestions or how people like it. The project is, the new version was just released. We really want to create something...
  4. N

    Finding Joint Posterior Density of Poisson and Exp?

    Hi, Some friends and I have been stuck on this bayesian stats question for five days now, please shed some light if you can :wave: We've tried to multiply the the Poisson posterior density and exponential posterior density together to produce a joint density, but we're told it's not correct :/...
  5. S

    Intro Stats Problem.

    A student takes a true or false test with 15 questions. He guesses on every question. 1) Find the probability that he gets atleast 1 question right 2) Find the probability he gets 60% or higher. I am stuck. I know it is something with perms and coms. Any help would be great.
  6. B

    Monte Carlo Simulation?

    Sorry I want this deleted
  7. 3

    Help with Biostats Hw question

    The research team has considered your answers to the above. They’ve narrowed their interest to two outcomes (for now): Number of episodes of early rejection symptoms and rejection status. However, they want to know how many subjects they should recruit for each outcome. For simplicity, they...
  8. M

    CLT and Proportions

    I would like to ask those of you who know their CLTs and Proportions a few questions. I am completing my HW right now and wanted do ask you guys a few Qs please. :wave: Example: The mean price of shoes in a certain store is $585 with a standard deviation of $195. I am randomly selecting 35...
  9. Z

    Can I use ANOVA on Rstudio using a Likert Scale like questionnaire ?

    Hello, this is my first post on talkstats so hopefully I make sense. I am 'Comparing Interactive verse non-interaction education displays of Insect and Reptile and Amphibian Conservation'. I handed out a questionnaire to three different groups; a control, a group that was part of the...
  10. D

    Stats - What Government Can Learn From Baseball

    Hi All, The City of Boston is using statistics and data in unprecedented ways to make citizens lives better -- everything from using Waze data to manage traffic (6:30) to "CityScore," way to measure all of our indicators and give ourselves a single score (12:20). Please see the TEDx talk below...
  11. R

    Chi square Or Mann U Whitney for comparing student grades

    Hi, for my study I have obtained the UK classification grades that are used at University. I've obtained data from two groups of students first generation and continuing generation. I want to see if there is a difference I'n grades between the groups. The problem I have is that I've obtained...
  12. A

    quick stats question(standard error), please help!

    Suppose after performing a random experiment, it comes out that exactly 3 out of 20 to 30 year old males are shorter than 5.5 feet. consider the proportion of people in the sample that are shorter than 5.5 feet. What is the standard error of this sample proportion?
  13. L

    Top 20 happiest countries in the world

    Here are the top 20 happiest countries. Happiness is measured based on the factors like Economic wellness, Environmental wellness, Physical and Mental Wellness, Social and Political Wellness. Denmark Norway Switzerland Netherlands Sweden Canada Finland Austria Iceland Australia...
  14. L

    Britain (UK) Billionaires List by Net Worth

    List of britain billionaires by net worth?
  15. T

    ANOVA exercise

    Hello, My question is: in which way this exercise should be solved? It can't be solved with F test, because there were no given F-test value table on the exam, so it has to be another way to solve it. The only thing I can formulate are hypotheis: H0: μ1 = μ2 = μ3 H1: at least one mean is...
  16. L

    Most Viewed YouTube Videos in the World

    where can i get the complete statistics of most viewed you tube videos in the world ?
  17. I'm-your-0

    The appropriate form of analysis / technique and terms?

    My assignment is to do the give the appropriate form of analysis / technique or term for a list of scenarios. I am lost on a few and would appreciate help with this one in particular. A psychology professor wanted to reduce test anxiety for her students. She wanted to know whether if day of...
  18. C

    What test to get a P-Value?

    So I have a group of students all divided by different categories in response to a poll. There is a total of 34 students. Depending on each answer, I assigned the student a 1, 2, 3, or 4 for that category. For example, favorite candy 1 = twix 2 = snickers 3 = gum 4 = none. Now that I've divided...
  19. R


    Hello, I had to miss my last class in stats and I don't know how to solve this question. 1. For each of the following combinations of values, decide whether the combination is possible or impossible, and if it's impossible, explain why. a. b = .80, sy.x = 0, r = 1.00 b. b = .80, sy.x =...
  20. C

    Which ANOVA? ...very stuck!

    I have been looking for days now which ANOVA would be best but I am not sure which one I can use to analyse my data! Any help would be massively appreciated! I have carried out a study on frogs within 3 forest types. I have in total 10 frog species and I have recorded the number of...