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    Computing the test statistic: Not sure which Formula I need

    Not sure which formula to use... A Health and Fitness company would like to determine if a new product improves cardiovascular fitness. A sample of 20 new customers agreed to take a treadmill test before and after using the product. The test measured how long they could run on the treadmill...
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    Reason for your degree?

    Hey guys, I need a big favour from you all, if you wouldn’t mind. I have to put together a study for my Stats intro class and I was hoping to get some of the data from you all. :) The question is: Which reason has most influenced your degree choice: career aspirations, interest in the...
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    Senslope as a percentage

    Hi, I found a way to express the nonparametric senslope (which is a median slope joining all pairs of observations) by dividing the senslope by the same data mean value. I have done this for all observations (For example: number of injuries observed per quarter over 6 years). My question...
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    Hypothesis Test Help!

    Here is what I have thus far. My teacher has a theory that 40% of students at the university are female. I needed to survey 30 random students and asked them if they think 40% of students are female. 22 said yes while 8 said no. I need to carry out a hypothesis test to claim his...
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    Help with gathering statistic information.

    Here is what I have done thus far. I can identify what each of the required information is, but I don't think I'm getting it exact. Here is my problem: A heavy equipment manufacturer introduces new models of their backhoes and forklifts, and sells several of these machines. A few months...
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    Descriptive Statstics Question!!

    Hey guys, I need your help: I got following question: Six customers have Tested a new chocolate bar an have rated it on 0-10 scale (10=best) . Calculate the average rating based on how often the customers go shopping and how many chocolate bars they usually buy each time they go...
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    Sum of the squared least squared residual

    Hey guys! This is my first post on this booming forum! I came across a problem that asks "Find the Sum of the squared least squared residual" and All it gives is sigma squared hat and the population and I have searched through the book and I have no idea where to start or what formulas to...
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    average p values???

    I have to compare demographics of a study that was s . In the "pre" group, I have 385 patients, in the post group, I have 317 patients. No patients are the same; I also took all of their ethnicities and compiled it into my MS excel spread via 0, 1, 2, 3...
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    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes?

    can you do a chi sq w/ 2 different n sizes? I have an experiment with 2 groups (pre medicine and post medicine). Group 1: 400 subjects Group 2: 332. When Put the data in (via 1 and 0s) into my SPSS I keep getting really weird answers. How can I accommodate for the 68 subject difference...
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    T test vs. Chi Sq

    Is an unpaired t-test the same as a chi sq test with respect to the resulting p-value if I'm using categorical data (0s and 1s)? Thanks.
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    3 Arm Study: Categorical Data needs a P-Value!

    Hi, I conducted a 3 arm study and now I am trying to find signficance/lack of signififance. Some data I gathered, such as age was easy to calculate via ANOVA tests. But now I have smoe categorical data that neds to be analyzed. For example, I examined the quality of my procedure and it was...
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    3 columns of categorical data - what test to use for significance?

    Hi I did surveys on pre-teens, teens, 20s (3 "columns") and need to find signfifiance (p-value). What test do I use? I keep trying Chi square on graphpad prism 5, but I keep getting the message Analysis of Contingency Table: Overview Chi-square calculations are only valid when all expected...
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    Which test to use?

    Hi, 1. I need to know how to compare CATEGORICAL DATA. I have 4 types of anesthesia applied to 3 different groups (a, b, c). What test do I use to test significance? 2. One or Two-tail ANOVA? I have 3 groups (a, b, c), and each one of them lost some water during my science experiment. A...
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    Which statistical test to use for significance (p-value)?

    Hi, I am trying to find significance in a study I conducted. There are 3 groups (so 3 columns on MS Excel) and I am testing significance between them. I am testing for significance between male and female (so I inputted 0 = male, 1 = female). How do I test for significance? I use statistical...
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    OLS with fixed effects and STATA

    Hi all, Monday I started a topic on estimating OLS with fixed effects using SPSS. That turns out to be impossible. So now I want to do it with Stata. I need to estimate the following revenue equation: y =ai + x1 + x2 + ... + x6 + time dummies (ai stands for bank-specific effects) The idea...
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    AR(1) model help

    AR1 model how to do it,
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    Method of Moments

    Question: Let X1, X2, ... , Xn be a random sample of size n from a population with pdf f(x;theta) = [3(theta - x)^2] / (theta)^3 from 0 < x < theta and zero otherwise. Use the Method of Moments to find a point estimator for theta.
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    Stats Test

    I have already completed my online stats test, and the teacher is not grading them until after spring break... and I really want to know my score now. What are the answers to the following test.... 60 multiple choice/TF questions I will paypal $10 to the first person who posts the full answer...
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    Most wins over time

    Hey, I am not very good at stats, but I have a question. Statistically speaking, if you could create a draw, with whatever amount of tickets available as you want, and could get as many of those tickets as you wanted, what would be the best combination to win the game over time? would it be...
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    Summation Problem - new in the forum

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forum and I came here because I am desperate. I am taking stats 1101 in school not because I chose to, but because I need this class to graduate. I have an assignment that is due next week and I need help with this question. My prof did not teach us this topic...