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    [Marine Biology] ANOVA (with unequal variances) statistical test?

    I have a pretty complicated data set that I don't know where to start. We sampled intertidal snails through an observation method, at two locations. We measured the shell sizes of snails found IN crevices and OUT of crevices. I originally thought to group all of the IN snail and OUT snail...
  2. H

    Likert Scale, basic tests

    Hello I have collected data using a questionnaire for the following a) Role played by a person b) years of experience c) type of work done Variable type is taken as nominal I have also collected data for 5 groups, with 5 questions within each group, using a Likert scale (Strongly...
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    Stats Analysis Question =]

    Hey Everyone, Question!: In an aged-matched experiment, I want to compare . . . . I want to test the significance of DrugY on performance of Task1 for EACH child: (In this case each child is acting as their own control) Classic Autism DrugY Child A VS. Classic Autism Placebo Child A...
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    Multi level modeling vs. Repeated Measures ANOVA interaction

    I am examining perceived social support and coping in a group of approximately 40 participants (about 20 participants in two groups) who all recieved an intervention to address loss, with data collected at pre (T1), post (T2), one month post (T3), and three months post (T4). I also have...
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    Which Statistical Test?

    Hey all. I just performed a really nifty evaluation of a Zoo's educational program to determine the change in children's humane attitudes/behaviors and I'm having issues choosing a test. Here are some of the details: Participants took before and after surveys. Surveys were "graded" out of...
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    PLEASE HELP! Should be simple for those familiar with SPSS/statisitcs

    Just 2 quick questions that I really hope someone can help with. I’m using SPSS to analyze data collected from a survey that was distributed to 110 participants. I don’t need help setting up the data; I just need help knowing which tests are appropriate. One things I am looking at is...
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    Unequally sized groups for comparison

    Good Morning. I'm working on my thesis and I have a little question. I'm studying social networking and academic perf n one of my research questions is looking at whether there is a significant difference in GPA between those from my sample who use sns and those who do not. My sample size is 107...
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    Two Stats problems that are confusing me

    Prove that AND Rewrite Any help would be appreciated, please & thank you!
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    Need Stats Help! Please!

    Two independant random samples were taken at two neighboring high schools to determine the difference in the proportions of students who had jobs outside of schoo. The sample of 75 North High students indicated that 60% of them had jobs outside of school while the sample of 40 south high school...
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    HELP me out plz!

    hey so i missed my last class and now i dont know how to do the homework which is due tomorrow. if anyone could help me figure out a couple problems which i tried to do but i cant seem to figure out how to start it and i cant find the answers in my text book. thanks alot and i appreciate...
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    Which ANOVA to use? PLZ HELP :(

    Hi guys... Here's what my experiment's about... I am testing 24 subjects to see if different learning methods affect retention performance. I am using a control condition which they'll all do (own method) versus imposed condition which has two levels (multiple colour highlighting and...
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    best test for this non-normal distribution?

    Hello! I've recently been working on a report for some research I conducted in september and I've run into a bit of a problem during the analysis as I am relatively new to stats.:shakehead I would really appreciate any help anyone could provide! Thank you! :o The scenario: I'm looking to see...
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    Random Variable X

    So this question is on my practice final, and the professor provided the work for how to solve it and I cannot figure it out. Suppose that the random variable X has a mean u = 5 and standard deviation o=8. The mean and standard deviation of Y=2X-4 is? The answer is 6 and 16, respectfully...
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    Need help with a statistics project

    I need 100 people to answer this so I can do a school project. How many hours a week (7 days) do you play a musical instrument? 0, 1-2, 3-4, 5+. This does not include singing. Thank you! -Joe
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    i need help with this please!!!!

    Angus reid conducted a survey of adult canadians finding that over all 56% supported the legalization of marijuana. the percenatage of support was different among voters for the three major parties (in the table below). for instance 17% of people both supported legalization of marijuana and also...
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    More uni help

    Hey me again :wave: i managed to answer the first question I enquired about so don't worry about answering that one. However i have a new question for the forum. Its question 7 of my assignment The researcher wants to analyse the effectiveness of the ads campaign on people’s regular...
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    Need help with uni stats assignment [RESOLVED]

    Hey all I have this stats assignment for uni in SPSS and i have been able to do most of it, its just the last few questions that have got me. Was just wondering if i could get any advice on how to approach or even do this question using SPSS, 6.) Amongst places to take illicit drugs (Q14)...
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    Question Help ASAP!

    The scores on a standardized English placement exam are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a variance of 81. The top 10% of students will be placed in an Honours English class. What score must a student get on the placement test in order to be placed in Honours English? THANKS!!
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    I really need help with this math problem...

    A credit union needs information concerning the checking account balances of its customers. A random sample of 14 accounts was checked and yielded a mean balance of $664 and a standard deviation of $297. Assume the population has a normal distribution. You will be finding a confidence interval...
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    Stats Homework HELP!

    EDIT: How can I show effort when I literally have no idea where to start? I am desperate to understand this. I have read the requirements for homework help. I am failing this class. I am taking the class online and have emailed my professor numerous times and have never received a reply. I have...