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    HELP! Stats method for comparing curves?

    Hello all, I was hoping you guys might be able to assist me, I'm in the middle of writing a biology honors thesis and I'm trying to compare the thermal accumulation of different years to see if there's a correlation between them thermal accumulation trend line and an epidemic or non-epidemic...
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    PDF Stats =/

    The number of vehicles leaving a turnpike at a certain exit during a particular time period has approximately a normal distribution with mean value 400 and standard deviation 75. Determine the proabilities below. (Round all answers to four decimal places.) (a) What is the probability that...
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    Deriving meaningful information from a set.

    Hello all, I was working for my statistics class and kind of extrapolated a problem. I think sharing this with this forum will help in coming with interesting findings. Say we have inputs of salaries/earnings of a group of people like {x1, x2, x3 .... ,xn} and {e1, e2, ....., en} their...