1. bulletproofpineapples

    Which stats method to use? HELP stats rookie who just wants to graduate

    i am writing a proposal. i just need to mention my stats methods in a few lines but i'm not sure which is right. it is a study with 4 groups + 1 control categorised by different stages of a disease. all 4 groups are given one kind of intervention (excluding the control). at baseline, each...
  2. B

    Understanding and Calculating Credible Intervals

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding and calculating credible intervals. My goal is to understand confidence intervals vs. credible intervals. From what I understand, the credible interval is a range of values (parameter?) that is fixed (not really) based on the prior probability...
  3. S

    SPSS Help

    Hello everyone, I am a psychology undergraduate who has been set a formative assignment (which means its not worth anything but still has to be done) using SPSS. I was wondering if anyone could help me answer these questions as I am struggling and My lecturer scares me and isn't very nice. I...