sum of squares

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    Hi All! I've been trying to manually calculate the sum of squares for 2 independent variables in an ANOVA table and can only seem to work out two total sum of squares exaplianed by the two independent vairables. Is there any way that I can work out how many sum of squares is attributed to each...
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    Getting SS for specific groups in 2 way ANOVA

    I am trying to isolate the SS from the interaction between two of three groups in the analysis, but I do not know how to do this through the syntax. There is an interesting interaction but I need to parse out the SS for each of the groups. Here is my current syntax: GLM EPATotWPre KATotWPre...
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    Linear Regression Multiple Choice Questions: Please Help!!

    I have attached my practice sample final for my college statistics course on linear regression. All of the answers are multiple choice, and I need help finding the right answers for questions 5-39 as soon as possible. Please, please, help me if you can, as soon as you can! I need the right...
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    Which SSR (Regression sum of squares) is theoretically larger?

    Dear all, I have 3 fitted lines: Y = b0 + (b1)X Y = (0.5)b0 + (b1)X Y = b0 + 0.5(b1)X Where and In addition to the the 3 equations above, using the information provided by the image attached I would like to determine (theoretically), which one of the three fitted lines (listed...
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    Calculating Variance Explained by Effect: High Intercept Sum of Squares Problem

    Hi :) Context: I'm using G*Power to conduct a post hoc power analysis. The study design is a 2x2 Two-Way ANOVA. ANOVA was done in SPSS. Within G*Power, I'm using Protocol of power analyses -> F tests -> ANOVA: Fixed effects, special, main effects and interactions. Then to get the effect...
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    Sum of Squares

    My homework problem says: For the following summary statistics, find ∑X and SS (sum of squares) a. XBar = 25, s = 10, n = 11 So,I have that ∑X = 275 but am lost on how to find SS, and why the value of S means anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I had a post on the...
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    Sum of Squares help!

    My homework problem says: For the following summary statistics, find ∑X and SS (sum of squares) a. XBar = 25, s = 10, n = 11 So, I think that ∑X = 225 but am having trouble how to find SS. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Sum of squares model proof

    Hello everyone :-) I'm trying my best to prove the formula for the sum of squares model (please excuse how badly i'm going to write this) Betahat'X'Y-n(ybar)squared so far i have that it is equal to (yhat-ybar)'(yhat-ybar) so i just need to show that they equal eachother. I know...
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    Which ANOVA to use - sum of squares,model,n-way,one-way?

    Hi all, I want to analyse some data using an Anova. The data are one continuous variable (the thing I was measuring) and one categorical variable (the 4 different group numbers), I also have 3 more continuous data which I want to test for effects on my dependent variable. I really just want to...