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    Help needed choosing statistical test

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and hoping someone can help me. I've collected some data but I am confused over which test to use to analyse it. It is a between-subjects design, with participants being allocated to either a first-person condition or third person condition. All...
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    link data collected from two surveys collected from both managers and subordinates

    Hi guys I badly need some help for my masters-level dissertation please. I have two surveys which i collected the data via Qualtrics. Both surveys have elements taken from the literature, highly used, reliable and valid so nothing is new. Questions in both surveys are in a matrix form - well...
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    Stores and ordered rank of products

    I have data about popularity of some products in some stores. For each of the stores I have only a ordered rank of best-selling products in them. I need help how to find information about which products are popular only in certain stores versus products that are popular in all stores.
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    What test to use? – two continuous variables by one categorical - Stata

    Hi! Is there any way to test to see if a laboratory blood value is different between people in 2 categories while considering age? I am using Stata. For example, here is what I have done considering a categorical variable (instead of age): I also wanted to look at the difference in...
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    What test should I use to analyze my data?

    I'm currently a fourth year university student. As part of my studies, I'm taking a class called Capstone, where students design and carry out a research project. An essential part of formulating this researchm is choosing a statistical procedure with which to analyze and present your results...