1. G

    Choosing the Statistical Test (if exists)

    Hi! I'm new here and I need help with this: The data: I have 1000+ subjects each one scanned with a MR 3 times (with different sequence T1, T2 and IR). Each scan yields (after a segmentation) to the 15 volumes of the brain region in study (the brain region has 15 "sections" which volumes' are...
  2. S

    Which Test of Significane to use when comapring two interfaces using likert statements?

    Hello guys, i googled so much but i can't find an answer to my question. I hope you can help me out. I have the following problem: In a user study the same participants had to use two different user interfaces for entering their preferences. Both interfaces were designed from scratch. There...
  3. B

    Which test to use to compare results between groups

    Hello We have collected data related to performance (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) in a whole lot of assessment criteria, and are looking for the best way to analyse these data in addition to the obvious comparisons based on percentages. We have collected data from individuals, in terms of the...
  4. helgasaraswati

    White Test For Heteroskedasticity In R Commander

    I am trying to realize the white test on my linear model with R and White Test For Heteroskedasticity In R Commander
  5. S

    Need Appropriate Test for comparing a series of measurements from one bone to another

    My research involves taking measurements at 9 sections at different locations on the shaft of bones. I am having trouble determining which statistical methods I can use to test for significant difference in the distribution and change of the measurements as they progress along the shaft of the...
  6. F

    significance test begin of puberty

    Hello, I am running a metaanalysis about the age of girls and boys at the beginning of puberty (Tanner-stages) and it would be great if someone could help me out with two questions about significance tests for mean/median value differences. question 1: In SPSS I have the data of the...
  7. A

    Stats Novice: Help finding if 1 value affects another

    Apologies I have learning trouble and stats are a particularly weak point. Im doing research on 10 animals species, and their conservation status at 3 time periods. (1990, 2009, 2017). Statuses range of 7 values, from data deficient, threatened ect. to extinct. Against the number of...
  8. Z

    Looking for appropriate non-parametric test for 5 dependent group & small sample size

    What is the most appropriate parametric test for repeated observations for multiple dependent groups.
  9. K

    Stats Help needed for a project!

    Hi Stats Fans, I need your help, as I am stuck with data I collected for a project. I am currently gathering responses about mitigation strategies against fatigue. I am questioning people about what mitigation strategies against fatigue they have experienced as helpful. It is a multiple...
  10. J

    Help!! a little confused with ANOVA, should be easy

    Dear all, I would like to ask for your help in determining which test I should run for my samples. Here is my data: I have 4 water samples of Nitrite (mg/l) from 3 sites. Site1:.00171, .00206, .00031, .00066 Site3:.00136, .00206, .00415, .00275 Site4:.02193, .02298, .02681, .01531 My...
  11. N

    significance of the difference between two values

    Hello all, I'm working on a skew-normal distribution and would like to know if the difference between 2 values of the data set is significant. It's the distribution of Mutual Information between couples of lemmas (100,000 of them). You can see the distribution on the jpg image. What I...
  12. B

    Please help: ANOVA

    I'm asking a group of young people who have experienced loss to complete the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory and then a sheet about different factors identified in previous research (age, gender, support network, religious beliefs, etc). I then want to see if there are any correlations between...
  13. H

    Stata: Test that the difference between two groups = -1

    Does anyone know how to test the hypothesis that the difference between people without and with kids = -1 per night in Stata? I have the data set with kids as a dummy variable, but can't figure out where to start.
  14. E

    Which Test To Use?

    Short version: 2-3 IVs (date, individual, compartment), repeated-measures(compartment), 20 DVs, non-parametric. Hello, I have 4 subjects that were tested 16 times. However, possible changes across time or individuals are not the subjects of the experiment, so would it be appropriate to...
  15. H

    Help! What statistical analysis test should I use?

    Hello, I am no good at statistics and need help figuring out which statistical test I should use for a hypothetical research project. This is for a paper- I am not actually doing the research. Therefore, I probably have not defined all of variables necessary...but here goes...your help is...
  16. M

    General linear mixed model - 5 years

    Dear all, every help is highly appreciated! I have a data set that looks like the one I attached to this post. I have five independent variables for each company (for each time period one). Now I need to know, if the values significantly increase over the time of five year. In other words I...
  17. X

    Minimum control size for determining effectiveness of treatment

    So the following scenario I have a treatment that I know to be effective, but I want to determine precisely how effective it in a (large) group of individuals I'm dividing them in to a test group and a control group so I can compare the effect of the treatment However, I want to keep the...
  18. T

    What statistical test should I use.

    So I am writing a report on whether mean intelligence through an IQ test and mean psychopathy scores (DV) are significant in different types of crime committed by criminals (IV) and I have 9 categories of crimes, I want to compare the mean scores of the DV's in each of the crime categories.
  19. L

    Chi squared for randomness

    Greetings, I am testing pseudo-random number generators and need to perform a chi-squared test. However, I've encountered some difficulties. Let's take the following example: I have generated 100 numbers, ranging from 1 to 10. The distribution is as follows: 1: 8 2: 12 3: 9 4: 11 5...
  20. M

    When to use which statistics? Is it correct like this?

    I never had statistics in school and I'm not in college yet so I try to teach in to myself now. That's why everything I write now could be plain wrong: - You use hypothesis tests (independent t-test, paired t-test etc) to test a claim about a population mean/population proportion or to test a...