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    Which Test To Use?

    Short version: 2-3 IVs (date, individual, compartment), repeated-measures(compartment), 20 DVs, non-parametric. Hello, I have 4 subjects that were tested 16 times. However, possible changes across time or individuals are not the subjects of the experiment, so would it be appropriate to...
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    Help! What statistical analysis test should I use?

    Hello, I am no good at statistics and need help figuring out which statistical test I should use for a hypothetical research project. This is for a paper- I am not actually doing the research. Therefore, I probably have not defined all of variables necessary...but here goes...your help is...
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    General linear mixed model - 5 years

    Dear all, every help is highly appreciated! I have a data set that looks like the one I attached to this post. I have five independent variables for each company (for each time period one). Now I need to know, if the values significantly increase over the time of five year. In other words I...
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    Minimum control size for determining effectiveness of treatment

    So the following scenario I have a treatment that I know to be effective, but I want to determine precisely how effective it in a (large) group of individuals I'm dividing them in to a test group and a control group so I can compare the effect of the treatment However, I want to keep the...
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    What statistical test should I use.

    So I am writing a report on whether mean intelligence through an IQ test and mean psychopathy scores (DV) are significant in different types of crime committed by criminals (IV) and I have 9 categories of crimes, I want to compare the mean scores of the DV's in each of the crime categories.
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    Chi squared for randomness

    Greetings, I am testing pseudo-random number generators and need to perform a chi-squared test. However, I've encountered some difficulties. Let's take the following example: I have generated 100 numbers, ranging from 1 to 10. The distribution is as follows: 1: 8 2: 12 3: 9 4: 11 5...
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    When to use which statistics? Is it correct like this?

    I never had statistics in school and I'm not in college yet so I try to teach in to myself now. That's why everything I write now could be plain wrong: - You use hypothesis tests (independent t-test, paired t-test etc) to test a claim about a population mean/population proportion or to test a...
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    Which statistical test to use: 1000 pairs of ordinals

    Hello, I have a table of approximately 1000 pairs of values. x is an integer between 0 and 365, representing birthday y is an integer between 1 and 4, being a measure of achievement. I am investigating whether there is positive correlation between x and y. I am not sure which test to use. I...
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    Significance of two-sample problem/test

    I am self-studying an applied statistics course (reading the curriculum, doing the recommended exercises, doing old projects etc.) and I am now trying to deal with this problem: How significant is a drop from 4039 to 3611 traffic related injuries per year? The process (of being injured due...
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    Correct metodology to test observations

    Hello to all, I have two datasets of rain measurements, the first observed at the ground level, and the second estimated from satellite radar at same location (pontual data), on daily basis. You can see in attachment the two histograms. I want to check if this two datasets came from the...
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    Which statistic test to use?

    I will like to make a statistic analysis on some data but do not know which test to use. My data is listed below (I have 3 treatments and one numerical data column (%), each combination is made in triplicates): G A I 30,9000 G A I 31,2000 G A I 41,9000 G A II 17,0000 G A II 18,4000 G A II...
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    Which test? - Significance of Sample Size

    Hi all, (First-time poster) I'm working with tagging data for 35 tracked fish. Each fish was tracked of 3 seasons, with detections (3873 overall) corresponding to a fish entering the detection area of one of the many placed monitors within the study area. I would like to perform a stats...
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    Test for absolute value of coefficient

    After running a simple linear regression I estimate a coefficient beta. I want to test the null that the absolute value of beta is less than or equal to 3. Does any one know how to perform that test? Thanks very much!
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    Categorical data tested for several factors: which test should I use?

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing a research project as part of my internship on mangrove damage along a river as a consequence of a major flood event. Shoreline was analysed for 1 meter sections. For each section my data comprises of the categorical categories mortality (yes/no) and certain...
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    Statistical test interpretation

    Hello, Firstly, sorry if my english is bad, I'm French. I wondered if I understood well how to interpret the result of a test, such as the Student test for the comparison of two means. If I'm not mistaken, and from what I have read and understood the comparison of the p-value at alpha...
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    F distribution: Why is Fnm =/= Fmn^-1

    (not sure if this is the correct forum, sorry if so) Hello everyone I'm trying to understand the F-distribution. I realize that the F-distribution is not symmetric in the degrees of freedom, and understand why. However I would think that it should be Fnm = 1/Fmn, but it isn't. Here is my...
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    Effect of Color on Taste - Statistical Significance

    Hi, for my 8th grade science fair project, I am testing to see if color affects one’s perception of taste. Specifically, I tricked test subjects into thinking that they were tasting different manufacturers’ chips and telling me which one tasted best, but in reality all the chips were the same...
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    How can I analyse a likert scale with only one sample? Any help would be appreciate:)

    I have a likert scale (1-5) and one sample (young females). I am investigating whether they find a particular trait in a male attractive. What test could I use to analyse this? If anyone could help (and answer as simply as possible) I would be so, so thankful. Many thanks
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    How can I analyse this likert scale? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Hi there, I am creating a 20 question questionnaire for my dissertation at university. It is a likert scale questionnaire and I will be using a sample (just one sample) of 100 women (young women, aged around 20-28). I will be asking them whether they like a certain personality trait in a...
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    Test for error of central tendency

    Dear community, I have two groups of users who rate on 7-point-scores for n data items. Now I want to test whether there is a difference in both groups in their error of central tendency, i.e.: does one group tend to rate more towards the middle of the scale than another? I assume the...