1. C

    Best test for normal distribution with as little samples / highest accuracy

    Hi there, I only completed one statistics class yet and now struggle with my first project involving statistics. :-) I want to conduct an evaluation where items are rated according to particular scales, leading to a lot of probability distributions, where there is one distribution for each...
  2. T

    Multiple Regression Help

    Hello, I need help/advice with multiple regression analysis. I am looking at the degree of discrimination towards women in construction industry in terms of salary, promotional opportunity, harassment and psychological environment. Data that I have collected are -Age -Level of...
  3. trinker

    Please help my adviser is nuts and my thesis is due

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  4. trinker

    The role of beer in statistics

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  5. S

    Comparing two ratios - Which test should I use?

    It has been years since I attempted statistics and I would appreciate any form of help. I am looking at data, and I want to see if one rate influences another rate. I want to know if two rates are correlated and significance of that correlation. The data looks similar to something like this...
  6. C

    3 Arm Study: Categorical Data needs a P-Value!

    Hi, I conducted a 3 arm study and now I am trying to find signficance/lack of signififance. Some data I gathered, such as age was easy to calculate via ANOVA tests. But now I have smoe categorical data that neds to be analyzed. For example, I examined the quality of my procedure and it was...
  7. H

    [STATA] One-sided postestimation test;

    Hello, how can one run a one-sided postestimation test in Stata, since the command 'test' performs a two-sided Wald Test? This is to test an alternative hypothesis b1 > 0 and b1 > -b3. Thank you so much!
  8. A

    One-Way ANOVA, Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels

    Hi, So im doing a critique review on this paper: Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance by Dana R. Carney et al. Anyway, the experiment they are conducting involves two groups of individuals high; power posers and low-power posers. Each...
  9. K

    type of test for small sample size

    Hi there, I'm having problem in determining the correct test on a small grp (n=4). If i wanna compare on two different grp, control design and new design on 4 same subjects. What test shld I use?
  10. P

    Test Type Help

    Can someone please help me? I just spent an hour writing a really detailed explanation of my stats project and it ended up getting deleted when I tried to preview post. Basically all my data is here I'm doing this for an AP Stats project and I'm really confused about what kinda of test...
  11. K

    SPSS significance test between two categorical variable and one nominal DV

    Hi experts, I have two IV: Gender + Age. Gender: Male, Female Age: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors DV: Appointment: 0 = no-show, 1 = show I already did a multivariate logistic regression between the IV's and the DV. They are significant with each other. ... Now what I want to do...
  12. D

    Stats Test

    I have already completed my online stats test, and the teacher is not grading them until after spring break... and I really want to know my score now. What are the answers to the following test.... 60 multiple choice/TF questions I will paypal $10 to the first person who posts the full answer...
  13. D

    Analysing circular (angular) data - how to find significant differences?

    Dear users, this is a problem from my PhD thesis. I am grateful for suggestions. I have measured angular data from several individuals, each specimen only once. This data is clustered in 5° from 1-180°. No angle above 180° are recorded. I have calculated the frequency of angles for each...
  14. M

    test for heteroscedasticity in Ordered Probit model?

    hi Anyone knows how to perform a test for heteroscedasticity in a ordered probit model in R? I tried to use bptest(model) and I tried plot(model, which=1), but these comands only seem to work for linear models..! Kind Regards Maria
  15. M

    "parallel regression assumption" test r studio

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to do a parallel regression assumption test in Rstudio?
  16. A

    Deciding on test and help with power, thank you!

    Hi there, I'm a first year PhD student and I am a bit at a loss regarding which test to use, and how to calculate power for a grant proposal. Any help will be much appreciated! I'm running all my participants in two conditions (positive/negative), so a within-subject design My dependent...
  17. F

    confused about which model/test to use?

    Can you suggest me the regression/correlation model for the following case: I have computed walkability index (e.g. Y) for various buildings of few neighborhoods. This index is composite variable computed based on other variables. Now I would like to see the association/correlation between...
  18. J

    Hosmer Lemeshow test - degrees of freedom

    Hello, I have to use HL test for logistic regression purposes. In the most of sources there is written, that number of degrees of freedom is n-2 (n = number of groups) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosmer%E2%80%93Lemeshow_test Can someone explain me why n-2? Thanks for an answers
  19. M

    Want to be researcher- needs help

    Hello all! I am currently designing my first research project and am confused on what to do after I have my data. I have a basic understanding of Stats, but need direction. I am a music therapist and am designing a research project examining the effect of music to reduce children's anxiety...
  20. G

    Test for symmetry? [Please]

    (This was posted in a different sub-section of the forum, but has remained unanswered for over a month. I'm posting it here in the hopes of getting a respondent.) I'm doing a psychophysical study on motion direction estimation and the direction-dependence of the estimation errors. My current...