1. G

    Test for symmetry - comparing multiple pairs of distributions?

    Hi all, I'm doing a psychophysical study on motion direction estimation and the direction-dependence of the estimation errors. My current problem is determining whether the perceptual bias of a motion direction is symmetrical around a cardinal direction. So what I have are: multiple...
  2. O

    How to create evaluation criteria for an equal probability selection method (EPSEM)

    Hi all, I need to use an equal probability selection method (EPSEM). Can you please help how can I set up an evaluation criteria to find out if the selection method is implemented in the right way? Thanks for your help!
  3. G

    finding correlations

    It has been a while since I have taken statistics. I used to know it pretty well but now sadly it has been lost. I'm looking for help in finding correlations between two things. The tricky part is that I don't necessarily have numbers to go by. I'll give you an example. I want to know if a...
  4. A

    Correlations between groups of Likert-type answers – choice of statistical test

    I'm looking for the optimal way to interpret some data, so any constructive advice will be appreciated. A questionnaire with 3 groups of 50 questions was distributed to all companies of a certain type (that is, whole population). All in all, there were 40 companies. Each and every company...
  5. Lukan27

    Interpretting Levene's test (Stata)

    I looked this up quite a bit, and found alot about it, but I'm still not entirely sure if I got it right. I just recently got an assignment back with some needed corrections; this one is about Levene's test and t-test. My lecturer wants me to do a Levene's test (robvar in Stata), and I get these...
  6. A

    Which Statistical Test?

    Hey all. I just performed a really nifty evaluation of a Zoo's educational program to determine the change in children's humane attitudes/behaviors and I'm having issues choosing a test. Here are some of the details: Participants took before and after surveys. Surveys were "graded" out of...
  7. L

    Testing a learning curve

    Hi all, Suppose someone kicks a football at a goal. However, I want to test to see whether or not practice improves technique - whether there is a "learning curve". I get 100 people to kick footballs at a goal 50 times each. I want to test whether there really is a learning curve, or...
  8. T

    HELP me out plz!

    hey so i missed my last class and now i dont know how to do the homework which is due tomorrow. if anyone could help me figure out a couple problems which i tried to do but i cant seem to figure out how to start it and i cant find the answers in my text book. thanks alot and i appreciate...
  9. F

    Question about proper test

    Respected experts! I have a table with different aminoacids in rows and different species in columns. Every cell contains relative amount of current aminoacid in the current species. (continuous data). The hypothesis to test (null) is that distribution of aminoacids does not depend on species...
  10. 9

    What sort of data is this? In a pickle

    Hi, sorry first of all if is could be suited more towards a different catagory. Basically ive done questionaire and one question is : 3. Highest formal education. None GCSE's (School or FE college) A-Levels (Or equivalent) Graduate Degree (Higher education) Postgraduate or...
  11. F

    Examining leakage/move of cases between two cluster analysis solutions

    Hello! I am looking for the right type of analysis for the following issue. I have conducted two different types of cluster analysis on the same sample and variables. Inevitably, some cases have moved from the one cluster to the other. HOW can I observe this differences? Namely, three people...