treatment effect

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    Rct efficicay for small sample

    I have baseline and post-treatment questionnaire data on behavioural treatment and control groups. Each group has less than 10 participants. I have missing data both on baseline and posttreatment outcomes (10% of all values are missing). The data is missing completely at random. Do you have...
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    Which statistical tests are appropriate for estimating drug treatment effects in a crossover design (transition from medication to placebo)?

    Hi all! I am interested in estimating drug treatment effects in a crossover design where I have a baseline, week 20 and week 40 measurements (1. univariate; 2. multivariate) for a set of 30 patients. 15 of these patients were treated with active medication during the first phase (baseline to...
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    Use treatment effect as input for meta-analysis, not 2 groups

    Hey, I'm new to R and currently trying to teach myself how to use it with various guides. Problem is, none of the guides cover the scenario I'm dealing with, they all assume that for a meta-analysis you have outcome data for both the control and treatment groups. I would like to use the...