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    Mann-Kendall Trend Test

    Dear members, I have annual time series (63 years) and I've performed Mann-Kendall test on my data. The Lag-1 serial correlation is not significant. So, I've used three package to compare the results, and I've confused! * ZYP package: If Lag-1 serial correlation is significant, it uses Yuepilon...
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    Do the same minimum value requirements apply to chi-square for trend, as chi square?

    Hi, I'm doing a project about dilated kidneys, these can be arranged into mild, moderate and severe. There are 53 patients in total. I want to see if there is a trend in the severity of dilatation between those that have an 'adverse outcome' (like surgery, scarring etc) and those who do not...
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    Medical Statistics - Which test to use?

    I am trying to compare two variables and am struggling with an appropriate way to analyse the data. It is for a teaching project I am running and we are trying identify if students improve over the duration of the course. The variables we have are: Teaching Session: (1, 2, 3 etc.) and Score...