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    Need to Confirm Statistics before coding a script

    I actually have 2 statistic questions. My goal is to determine what all the exact combinations are of answering a multiple-choice quiz of 5 questions with 4 multiple-choices options to choose 1 answer. I have determined there are 1024 combinations because each question is answered 4 ways to the...
  2. N

    How can I combine these variables into a new one

    I need to create a new variable from two. The first one is an ordinal variable called Professional Bachelor Office Management, and has 3 values: 0= doesn't apply, 1=BA1, 2=BA2, 3=BA3, the second one is also an ordinal variable called Professional Bachelor Business Management, and has as values...
  3. L

    Probability Questions - Cannot seem to figure out

    I have been working on this problem for a few days now and cannot seem to at least find a formula or example in my book that works. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks! In 2009, according to a Harris Interactive poll, 52% of American college graduates have Facebook accounts...
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    Create 2 files: 1 with values only, 1 with labels only

    I have a set of survey data that I'm trying to import into another program. The .sav file has a combination of text and values (values have value labels). Here's what i need: 1 file with VALUES only as data 1 file with TEXT only as data What is the most efficient way to do this? Thank you
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    Random variates and expected value

    Hi all. I have a spreadsheet with standard normally distributed random variates in one column. How do I find the expected value and variance based on x number of simulations?
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    Problems with scan function

    Hi, I am having problems with scan() function, using it to get values from console. The above code doesn't work properly. It doesn't stop after scan() function. Is there anything wrong?, can anybody help me? funent <- function(){ val <- scan(,,1) return(as.character(val)) }...
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    "Missing Value" and "Values": What is the connection?

    example: "Values": -1=IAP 998=DK 999=NA Then what are my missing values? Are they -1, 998, 999 or none of these? What is the connection between the "missing value" and "Values"? Would appreciate your help very much!!!
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    Combining value labels without changing actual numeric responses

    I have responses from 1-8 where respondents were asked to rank a set of indicators. I want to combine value labels such that 1,2=High 3,4,5=Medium 6,7,8=Low. However, I do not want to alter individual's responses in the data view. I saw a previous suggestion for using the Transform function to...
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    MDS configuration Stress-1 acceptable value

    Hi I'm trying to do the MDS config. for ACS scale (20 items). I used ordinal model (Proxscal-spss) with primary approach (untied tied observations). First analysis yielded 3 dimensions as expected. 3 dimensions: Normalized raw-stress = 0,012 Stress-I = 0,11 Stress-II = 0,31 I'm not...
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    How to define a field inside a dataframe based on the columnname and the rowname ?

    I have a dataframe called HMDAYTIME with the columnname "A" and the rownames "2" and "3", and based on a raw data csv called "DATA". My question is (i didn´t found anything about that on the internet), if i want to do a for loop to change each value of the "A" column, how can I make the...
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    recoding value labels within a variable

    Is there a way to change multiple value labels within one variable to the same value label without going through each case one by one? I have successfully combined many values into a new file by selecting cases using the "if" function, but the new file still retains old value labels. SO -...
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    keeping only certain values of a variable (not manually)

    Hi there, I have two data sets. One is a large data set containing a week variable 'wk'. The other has just one variable , 'wk2', which contains values of 'wk' corresponding to rows in the large data set that I'd like to keep, and remove the rest. How can I do this? (without manually...