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    Should I include year effects in my logistic regression?

    I made the following logistic regression model for my master's thesis. FAIL= LATE + SIZE + AGE + EQUITY + PROF + SOLV + LIQ + IND. Where I take a look if late filing of financial statements (independent variable) is an indicator of failure of small companies (dependent variable). FAIL is a dummy...
  2. F

    Using non-parametric test

    Hello Guys, I am beginner in SPSS. And I got a task. Can anyone please help me :) I want to describe my data in this table below, I want to find the p values between 2 groups (covid and non-covid) of various variables. is that correct to use non-parametric independent sample test? And what...
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    Creating variable that links individuals to their respective households

    Hi guys, Thanks for accepting me into this group. I hope I can learn from all of you I have an assignment which consists on the following. I merged two datasets. One contained household data and the other individual data. The data is about expenditure on several specific items/variables...
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    How to create 1 (continuous) variable by using two (continuous) variables (and ignore the missing) in SPSS?

    Hi there, I am currently busy with my master thesis and I have the following question. I want to create a variable called applicant credential (appl_credent), by combining the following two variables: western applicant credential and nonwestern applicant credential. a participant either has a...
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    Correlation between variables, without the total cases, but only with sum absolute numbers

    Hello. I have the sum numbers of the results of a questionnaire that been made to 5 different countries. The people that have been asked are approximately 1000 for each country. In one question the people had to evaluate a variable depended on their perception, from 1 to 10 (1=lowest...
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    Relationship between a variable with categories and a variable with numbers?

    In SPSS, is there a way to find out if there is a siginificant relationship between symptoms (on a scale from 0-3, with 3 = the worst) and hospital stay ("yes" or "no") are related?
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    [R] Changing 2 Numeric Variables to 1 Categorical Variable in R?

    I am a finance student and have been playing around in R the past couple of weeks (Rookie here..). QUESTION: I have two numeric variables: A and B. And I want turn these in one cathegorical variable C. C takes the following values: 1 if A and B both score top decile – or quintile of the...
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    Help with homework

    On a homework assignment, I have a data set with the variables (in SPSS) 1) Age 2) Reactiontime (continuous) 3) drug (Placebo, or drug condition) 4) Amount of drug metabolites in their blood (continuous) 5) Subject number (1-20) 6) A median split dichotomous variable on drug levels (0...
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    Combining measures into 1 variable

    I have 2 variables, one that measures (just for an examples) state aggression, and 1 that measures trait aggression. The state measure was responded to on a 6 point likert scale. The trait one was measured on a 5 point likert scale. Someone suggested that I combine these into one variable to use...
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    Adding up values of variables

    Hey guys, I got a rather complicated problem: I have two variables, ID and Country ID Country 11 US 11 KR 11 CA 23 US 23 US 23 US 25 CA 25 JP 31...
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    Control variable for panel analysis

    i am writing a paper analyzing What is the effect of corruption on Government expenditure (education,health,military and infrastructure). I have data for 30 countries for time period 14 years. So it will be a panel unbalanced dataset. Data on 4 government expenditures and plus data on corruption...
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    how to use characters when calling values for a variable?

    Hi, I have a database with a variable "stage" with the following values: 1, 2, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B. I am trying to trim my data by finding all the people where the variable "stage" = 1B and delete them from the dataset. I tried using this code: data = allpeople_no1B; set...
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    Endogenous variable

    Hi, can someone please explain in a simple way what does it mean "variable is correlated with the error term"? Thanks.
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    Regression analysis with nominal dependent variable

    Hello! In short: I'm having issues with figuring out a technique to measure how well does a categorical variable explain variation among a nominal variable, resulting in a simple numeric expression. More precisely. The dataset that I'm using contains individual level data on the...
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    Problematic variables in regression model

    I'm using data from from a publicly available Europe-wide survey of employees which was conducted over a series of waves from 1991-2010. The survey changed slightly each time. Unfortunately there's a question about childcare that is really important, which changed considerably (initially it...
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    Comparing answers of a nominal variable- which test should I use?

    Hi, I have asked 64 participants what colour they preffer and I gave 4 possible answers: 1- black; 2 - blue; 3 -red; and 4- yellow. The scores were: 40 participants answered 1; 10 answered 2; 10 answered 3; and 4 participants answered 4. I want to know if there is an especific test that...
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    PLEASE HELP...Response Model

    I am really struggling with this question...sorry but two of the equations did not copy over so I have attached the full version. You have conducted an experiment on a system with four process variables. Two of these factors are easy to control in the full-scale process (x1 and x2), and two...
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    Getting values larger than 1 for a logit test?

    I have run a logit test on a binary dependent variable "gambled?" against "Age" in STATA. I have the dependent variable coded as 0 for no and 1 for yes. However I have a coefficient of 1.54 on the independent variable "Age". How can this be in a logistic regression that is meant to be between 0...
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    Duplicate cases into a new variable

    hello, I'm trying to create a new variable that takes cases from another variable. It has to do so that the first case of the old variable is placed in cases 1-26 of the newvariable. The value of case number 2 of the old variable placed in cases 27-53 of the newvariable. I tried to give a...
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    Help***SAS - Fill missing value with the last non missing value variable

    Hi, I wanted to fill missing value with the last non missing value variable. +----------+--------+-------+ | Variable | Level | Value | +----------+--------+-------+ | | men | 10 | |sexe | female | 20 | | | 0-20 | 5 | |...