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    Multiple regression - Two independent variables

    Hi, I was given the following task in a course: You examine the influence of the two variables QS and TR on the variable WF. You have estimated the following relationship: WF= - QS - TR + 4QS • TR + ε WF is your dependent variable. The variables QS and TR are your independent variables. ε is...
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    Which Statistical Test To use?

    HI, I'm struggling to find out which statistical test is most appropriate to analyze the impact of negative interest rates on profitability; Data collected: Sample - 30 Banks Yearly data for each variable from year end 2007 to year end 2017 - 10 years Variables I'm considering are...
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    How duplicate each row as many times as is given in a variable (SPSS V23)?

    Hello. I'm only start to use SPSS V23. Help me, please. How I can do it?
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    ANCOVA dilemma

    Hi All, Ive been given this question: Categorise the participants into high stress and low stress groups. Compare the two groups in relation to another psychological variable while controlling for a second variable. The data i have available (which i don't need to use all) is age, gender...
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    One IV, two DVs, across male/female. What could I use?

    I know I've been posting a lot here lately, this is my last one: I have one independent variable (categorical) and want to determine its effect on two separate dependent variables. I know I could use MANOVA for this. But what do I use if I want to determine the effect of an independent variable...
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    Can I use chi-square for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    Can I use chi-square test of independence if one variable is nominal and the other is ordinal, or do both have to be nominal?
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    Choosing the correct analysis

    Hi everyone, Really needing help with choosing the right analysis for my variables. Background: I'm looking at the difference in amplitude for reaction times of negative, positive, and neutral words. The IV: reaction times (negative, positive, neutral words) The DV: amplitude...
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    How determine if control variables moderate the IV/DV relationship in SPSS?!?!

    I just finished basic SPSS analysis of data I recently collected that has 1 DV, 2 IVs, and 8 control variables (age, race, level of education, etc). I cannot for the life of me figure out how to test the control variables for moderation in SPSS. I feel like I recently did it, but cannot...
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    Mediation Analysis Multiple Independent and Dependent Variables with process tool

    Hi all, I am currently looking into the process tool by hayes. I have installed it and would like to have more than 1 independent and dependent variable. Is there any way to add more than one independent and dependent variable? The tool only allows 1 for each in spss. If not, can anyone...
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    Help with normal distribution

    Hello friends of the forum I have the following doubt ... If I have a sample of only 24 discrete data, how can I prove that these data follow a normal distribution? When I enter the data into a specialized software, the software tells me that the sample fits a normal distribution, but I'm...
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    Extract Values from Output in for loop

    Dear community, i am currently trying to extract the four parameters of a fitting output/call: This output will be generated around 5000 times. And i need the highlighted values in a seperate table. My for loop is: Thanks for any advice. Kind regards, Luca
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    (SPSS - new variable) Combining

    Hello everyone. I have a social survey data set with 500 respondent answers. A question asks about social networks, where each respondent can name up to 10 relationships they have. Each relationship has it's own variable. A question asks does this person live in the same country as you? I...
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    Which Statistical test to use?

    Can someone tell me the statistical tests I could use with the following variables. Independent variable categorical (high, medium, low) Dependent variables are categorical, and some are dichotomous What parametric (for large samples) and what non-parametric (small samples) could be...
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    PCA Analysis - Factor Analysis gave only 1 column?! Need to do a scatterplot!

    I am conducting a PCA on my dataset which has four scale variables (duration, %, rate 1, and rate 2) to see if they contribute to a single component. I conducted a factor analysis and it created only one column. When I have conducted PCA before, I have been given two columns by which I was able...
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    Change variable PDF with less variables than before

    My question is very simple, I have a probability density function that depends on four variables p(x1,x2,x3,x4). Now each of those variables depend on three new variables, i.e xi=xi(y1,y2,y3) so I want to find the new PDF given by p(y1,y2,y3). The problem is that the jacobian of this...
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    Create new variable in R dataframe by counting values equal to or greater than 1

    Hi, I have a dataframe in which I need to create a new column by counting all values equal to or greater than 1 occurring row-wise. I tried to use the following command: length(which(birds[2, 3:29] > 0)) This command only returns a value for ONE row (in this case, the 2nd row)...
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    subsetting data with criteria involving multiple variables/combinations of variables

    Hi, I am trying to create a subset of data of “high intermediate risk” group of entries as defined by a criteria based on age and number of risk factors. It is: Age over 70 plus at least 1 risk factor Age 50-70 plus at least 2 risk factors Age under 50 plus all three risk factors The...
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    Regression - What to do with insignificant variables?

    Please pardon me if you find this question very silly but this doubt has been troubling me for some time now whenever I want to run a regression. I am working on SAS. I have a dataset which has 24,000 observations, and there are about 50 independent variables. There are no missing values...
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    Operations Research - Does the independent variable affect sales dollars?

    Does the independent variable affect sales dollars? I have five branches in my company. Each branch has a showroom. Each showroom does not have the same mix of items. Some items are in all showrooms, some are in a few, and some are just in one showroom. I want to see if an item's sales...
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    Binomial Random Variables

    Hey guys! I'm having some real trouble with these questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance (: 1.) A baseball player has a lifetime batting average of 0.183. If, in a season, this player has 250 "at bats", what is the probability he gets 29 or more hits? Probability...