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    Odds of rain in March

    Hi TalkStats! I have a problem that I was thinking you all might be able to help me with. I know that it typically rains 5 out of 31 days at a particular location. If I were to recalculate the odds for 2 more days, how would I do that? Day one the odds would be 5/31, but I know it would not be...
  2. S

    statistical analyis of weather data

    Hello, I made ambient temperature and relative humidity measurements using a sensor, next to a highly accurate meteorological station and i want to test the accuracy of my data in respect to the meteorological station (assumed as the "true" value). Practically, I have 2 sets of data, one...
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    Date as a Covariate

    Hi, I am looking at the effect of various weather variables on sub-population size of a certain species of snake. Sub-population size at the study site over the active period follows a quadratic shape increasing in the spring to a peak in the summer and drops in the fall. Temperature during that...