weighted kappa

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    Error message for weighted kappa

    I am working with ordinal scales for cerebral atrophy (ratings 0 to 4) and vascular burden (ratings 0 to 3) assessed by two raters. I have installed the extension bundle for weighted kappa from SPSS (version 25) but I keep getting the error message "some ratings are less than one this command is...
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    High correlation but different median scores. How can this be possible?

    I am writing a research paper. We asked the same patients to fill out a form at two different times. Data is non-normal. I used Spearman's correlation, which gave me a moderate correlation between the two scores. I also used weighted kappa and this too gave me a moderate agreement between both...
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    Weighted Kappas...please help!

    Hello! I've looked all over regarding how to do this but am still coming up short. Please help! I have 16 data points. I have provided the weights!! Please help! This is huge!!!! Data Point Weight Component 1 .33 A 2 .66...