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    Counterbalanced caffine within subject repeated experiment

    Dear all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers about how to analyze my thesis experiment. We had 12 participants, each performed something called "Random dot motion" cognitive tests with coffee and decaffinated coffee (randomly counterbalanced) on two separate days. This test...
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    How to analyze dichotomous DV with between- and within-subjects factors?

    Hello everybody, I am designing a study and need to make sure I'll be able to analyze the data (or else I will modify the design). For the analysis, I would have a dichotomous dependent variable (correct/incorrect) and 3 factors. One of the factors is age group, a between-subjects factor with...
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    a question about statistic approach to use

    I moved this thread to another place and please delete this thread. Thank you.
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    ANOVA analysis based on a mixture of within subject and between subject design?

    I have finished an experiment, and I used a mixture of within subject and between subject design, I am wondering if there is a specific name for this type of experimental design? I would like to find some references since now I am writing the paper. Let me briefly describe what I have done...
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    Manova with within-subject and between-subject factors (no repeated measures!)

    hello, i need to do a manova with one within-subject factor (veracity) and two between-subject factors (type of speaker and type of presentation). However, it is NO repeated measures design! So how do I tell SPSS what to do? I have only found an option of entering within- and between-subject...
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    degrees of freedom for two-way repeated-measures ANOVA

    I had a related topic over on the R forum involving my lmer model, but now I'm more concerned with the degrees of freedom, which I thought was a more general question that would be more appropriate here. My study had two crossed within-subjects factors. 44 subjects used an interface for 6...
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    Within-subject pre-post design with multiple trials pre & post

    Hi, I'm hoping someone is able to help me with my statistical analysis. My study design is a simple within-subject pre-post design, but instead of just 1 trial pre and post, I have 6. The reasons for doing the repeated testing is the variability in test measurement. So far I've looked at...