2x2 Anova, im struggling to report the assumptions

I've ran a 2x2 anova and am trying to report the assumptions but would like to make sure ive done it correct, statistics is my weak point!
I have tested normality and homogeneity and also tested for skew and kurtosis. Then am I supposed to report the means and the significance levels?
Sorry if this sounds stupid and thank you to anybody willing to help me.
Well ive already seen that this is wrong as normality is measured by skew and kurtosis. Ignore me. Is there anything further that I should be reporting? Im trying to understand my results section as a story that im telling the reader but im struggling to understand that story myself.


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Just for clarification, all of the examination of normality is done on the model residuals.

Side note, requirement is independence between the residuals. So as long as you do not have panel (longitudinal or repeat measures) you should meet the independence part of IID (independent and identically distributed).
Thanks you sound a lot better at all this than me. Im going to have to go in and see someone to make sure im on the right tracks.