3 way ANOVA following it up

This is quite simple question but im more simple :p

I have DV and 3 IVs, each 2 levs. Making up example, lets say they are:
IV1=trial type (seeing, hearing)
IV2=item type (target, distractor)
IV3=confidence (high, low)

Subjected to a 2x2x2 RM ANOVA in SPSS and i see no 3 way. Good because that would be a lot of work! But now I see 2 way interaction between IV1 and IV2. I want to follow up on this but cant find good info online for example do we run more tests or look at other tests at the bottom of output. If more tests, how do we apply correction for multi comparing? I mean if i do lots of comparing with t-tests, must i divide my alpha by number of tests?

I think I might have to run IV1 and IV2 ANOVA for IV3(1), and then IV1 and IV2 ANOVA for IV3(2), and report separately (for both levels of IV3). But i do not know if that is correct
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