Age distribution between groups???

I am hoping to test whether there is a statistical difference between two groups of participants between the ages of 2-7. I know by looking at graphs that one group has more participants aged 6 and 7 but I am not sure what method to use to tell whether this is significant or not. I thought an ANOVA but my supervisor seems to think a t-test will do. Any opinions? If a t-test, which one and how is that done using SPSS? Also for testing whether the participants genders are close to equally distributed would I use a chi-square test or ANOVA? And if the chi-square was not significant, does that mean that the gender is not significantly different? Thanks for any help!



TS Contributor
If you are testing whether one group has more 6-7 year-olds than another group, then you should use a chi-square test.

Same thing for genders....