am i using the right stats?


i'm studying for a MSc in Ecology and i'm just trying to write up my dissertation project. Problem is i've thought myself round in circles with my stats and i hoped someone on here would be able to tell me if the statistics i'm using are the right ones for my data.

So, basically i've got two sets of ponds that i'm comparing. five of them are "planted" and five of them are the controls. once a week for six weeks i took samples from each pond and tested for a number of different things (pH, level of chlorophyll, level of dissolved organic carbon etc). I've run a two factor ANOVA with replication for each of the variables to see if theres a significant difference between the measurements for the planted and control ponds over time. I've also run a spearmans correlation to see if there are any correlations between any of the variables.

looking forward to hearing from folks!


....i have an additional question. assuming that the above is correct should i do the correlation using all of the data ie the control and planted together or should i split them up and do separate correlations for the control and planted parts of the experiment?

i hope this makes sense!