Analysis for one group with pre-test and two post-test

Hi all!

Looking for some help with some data analysis and I'm struggling to find similar studies so I'm unsure where to start. My data is all one group (due to time/ money constraints) who have completed weigh-ins, ED questionnaire, personality questionnaire and eating questionnaire at three intervals (pre, post after one week and post after one month). Also have their adherence to a program after one week thrown into the mix. I obviously have a lot of data and I'm not sure where to start with figuring out what I'd like too. Most other analysis have a control making it hard to find examples. This is what I've come up with so far, but I'm not great at stats:

1) There will be a significant change in results of the eating questionnaire after one week - thinking of a one way repeated measures anova for this, but I might be overthinking it
2) Positive correlation between adherence and a change in eating questionnaire results over the 3 tests - Pearson correlation or Bivariate correlation or one way anova? Not too sure again because I'm trying to find a correlation between one score and change over 3
3) Higher adherence and higher personality scores correlated with a greater change in eating questionnaires from pre-test to month post-test - Factor analysis or multiple regression for this one

Also, if any one can suggest an analysis that could provide overall correlation and change throughout the whole data set that would be amazing.

Any help is appreciated, I do have a bit of an understanding of stats but the number of variables is totally overwhelming me (almost 100 in SPSS).