another stats question

the mahi rent-a-car company is intgerested in estimating the mean number of miles its

cars areg driven on a particular holiday. it has 23000 cars nationwide and samples 200

cars on the holiday in question. the mileage for each car was recorded. the following

data were computed from the sample data:

sample mean = 54.5 miles
sample standard deviation = 14.0 miles

1) produce a 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean miles driven for each car.

2)mahi's vice president of th operations received a report from its queens location, it

indicated the location had rented 200 cars during the holiday and had received $2500 in

fees charged for mileage. assume that mahi charges $0.25 per mile as mileage fee. on the

basis of the confidence interval calculated in part 1) would you say the vice president

should investigate billing practices of the location? support your opinion with

statistical reasoning and logic.