ANOVA Homogeneous Subsets

Hi There,

Sorry if this is a really silly question...

I've run a 1-way ANOVA on some of my data, with a TUKEY HSD and S-N-K Post-Hoc test (as told to by my lecturer...)

I was wondering if someone could help me with the interpretation of the homogeneous subset tables that I have produced (I used SPSS).

(I've hopefully attached some images of my work...)

I need to complete my stat's work by Friday - so help asap would be amazing! <3

Many thanks,
Claire :)


TS Contributor
I'm not an SPSS user, but this looks similar to others that I have seen. The table entitled Pop5Arc shows the means for Ivy, Spinach and Nettles under Group 1 and the mean for Cucumber under Group 2. The interpretation for this is that there is no evidence that the means for Ivy, Spinach and Nettles are statistically different from each other, whereas there is evidence that the mean for Cucumber is statistically different from the rest.


TS Contributor
I recommend that you read the SPSS Help information on this to be sure. My speculation (since I do not use SPSS) is that this is the p-value for the means within that group, so you would expect them to be greater than the stated alpha.