ANOVA Interaction plot with hand, not with R

Hallo everyone,

I had to do an excercise from inferential statistics, but I have no idea how I have to do it. This is the homework:

In one experiment, when they asked for the bill, restaurant visitors in the Netherlands and the US were given an additional ticket in addition to the bill. In addition, the content differed from
that card also: some receive a card with a joke, others again a card with
advertising an improved store of attraction.
The following is kept for each group of restaurant visitors: the country (NL or US), what type of card they have
received (none, joke, advertising) and the amount of the tip (as a percentage of the amount on the bill). The aim was to psychologically influence men's investigations
to tip more. A two-factor variance analysis has been applied to the data from the experiment, the output of which can be found on the following page.
a) What will the conclusion of the experiment be with α = 0.05?
Explain your answer, so that you clearly state to which outputs you require.
b) Sketch the interaction plot that belongs to this two-factor variance analysis

There are some data that belongs to this excercise:


Translation for some Dutch words:
Mop - Joke
Reclame - Advertising
Geen - None
Kaart - Ducket
Land - Country

I have one small question for part a):
"Why I don't have to care about Reclame-Mop, is this because the mean of Reclame is lower that the mean of Mop, or is this because the p-value is approximately zero?"

But the main question is about how I have to sketch the interaction plot with the hand, not in R?
I tried something, the answer is good, but I am not sure or this is correct and I don't understand why it works like this.
I would really appreciate if someone would give me an explanation.

This is what I tried: