Anova? Manova? multiple T-tests? (newbie question warning)

Hello all

I have study data to analyze, and my normal stats guru is out of town.

The study (some facts altered to protect the innocent) goes like this:

Research question: Do jumping-jacks have a significant effect on the body?

10 subjects came into the lab (individually). They had 5 measures taken on their body, then they did jumping-jacks for 5 minutes, then had the same 5 measures taken.

Each subject repeated this procedure 4 times.

So for each of the ten subjects I have 4 sets of pre-jumping-jack measures and 4 sets of post-jumping-jack measures.

What sort of analysis should I perform to determine if jumping-jacks has a statistically significant effect on the body?

Many thanks for your help, and my apologies if this query is too basic for this forum.
I... am an idiot. So please do not shout if what I say is wrong. But I think that you are right. It is a repeated measure; within subjects; and because it is random, no need for the C. But rather wait til a more knowledgible person comments