Hi everybody,
I have problems with my data analysis and do not know which analysis I would perform, some help will be very welcome.

I have two wheat varieties Var1 and Var2 inoculated with 6 biparental combinations (plant pathogene isolates)
We performed in plata crosses and estimated our biparental combinations's fertility (presence/absence of fruiting bodies)
For fertile combinations we estimated an index that expresses the sexual reproduction intensity (SRI) and also we noted the time necessary to sexual fruiting bodies to be formed (Nd)

We want to determine effect of variety, parental combination and Nd on SRI.
1-is it possible to run an ANOVA by knowing that there is no fertile combination SRI=0, Nd=??? I do not know how to express it
2-I am I right to consider ANOVA for this kind of data?

The data table looks like this, I present it only to give you an idea the way someone can explain to me how to consider no fertiles combinations.
Var Parental Combi Nd SRI
V1 C1 76 12
V1 C2 - 0
V1 C3 62 26
V1 C4 - 0
V1 C5 - 0
V1 C6 - 0
V2 C1 65 34
V2 C2 66 7
V2 C3 95 66
V2 C4 99 52
V2 C5 101 10
V2 C6 68 60

Thank you by advance,
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