Appropriate test

Hi everyone we did an experimnt at school on the foraging behaviour of stickleback fish . High density daphnia or low density. There was 5 fish and i have calculated the means for each fish. here are the results.

high density low density

fish 1 13 2
2 18 7
3 16 4
4 19 5
5 16 3
6 8 3
7 11 7

Is a paired t test here the best statistic ?

Your table and your question is not very clear. You mentioned that were 5 fishes but there are 7 in your table. In addition, what exactly are you trying to find out?
sorry there are 7 fish yes and i am trying to find out do fish prefer high density or low density . They attacked the high density most but i need to analyse this by inferantial statistics. So i thought a paired t test would work but im not sure ?
Yes - Paired sample t-test


Paired sample t-test will be the correct test in this case. Only though if the fish were tested twice. One time with the high density and second time with the low density.

If they were tested once and in that time there were two type of density and you measured only what kind of density they attacked then I think you should go with independent t-test

good luck