Back to back stem and leaf plot

I am trying to compare 2 distributions and I like the idea of back to back stem and leaf plot. Anybody knows of a software that might do that?
Also I cannot remember if it is possible to put a p-value on the difference between 2 distributions?


TS Contributor

I do not remember if SPSS or Systat can display back-to-back graphs.

You could evaluate the possibility to use Minitab (or other stat soft) and let the program display in the same plot the two distributions, using both frequency histograms and box-plots.

As for the p-value, I assume that you are referring to an hypothesis test that should test the difference (in mean/median) between the two samples you have.

All the stat soft can perform such type of tests, providing related graphs.

I have implemented tests for difference in mean/median in an Excel Template. It provide the possibility to display bulletgraphs: graphs that visually displays the difference in mean between two samples.

You find it freely at my website:

you will find the link at the bottom of the page