Basic Stats - Emoji Assessment

Hi All, I really need some stats help! I have no background in stats at all but I am a work study student helping out with something called "Therapy Dogs" where students can play with dogs during high stress periods. The group doing this project has participants rate their moods using emojis before and after they play with the dogs. My manager has asked me to input the data. At a glance, it seems clear that most participants see a positive shift in their mood but I would like to set up the spreadsheet with a formula that will do a calculation that is more meaningful. To start, I grouped the data into LOW MOOD SPECTRUM EMOJIS (LMS), NEUTRAL MOOD SPECTRUM EMOJIS (NMS), and HIGH MOOD SPECTRUM EMOJIS (HMS) and did SUMs for PRE and POST.

Here are the SUMS for 1 session grouped by spectrum:

Pre LMS = 10
Pre NMS = 10
Pre HMS = 4

Post LMS = 1
Post NMS = 3
Post HMS = 21

My question is, is there something more I should do, calculation wise, to make this data more meaningful? Once I input 40 sessions for example, I'd like to be able to represent this in a graph. What would be the best calculation to do and if you have any advice about how to set it up I would love to hear it!