Beginner linear regression model question!


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Hi everyone, this may simply be a very simple question but I haven't taken an econometrics course in a while and my textbook is not within access right now.

I am trying to calculate a simple regression with NBA game attendance as my dependent variable (my Y), and ticket prices, unemployment rate, population, all-stars (# of all stars on the team), and income as some of my explanatory variables.

How would I calculate how the years of the financial crisis, specifically from 2007-2008, affected NBA game attendance? I have access to R Studio and I know most of the codes to run the models but I am confused as to which one to run here. Is it a simple regression model? But then how do I calculate for this difference and the affect of the recession year?


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I see two possibilities. One would be to add an indicator/dummy variable for the financial crisis. The other would be to add a continuous variable that indicates the same (e.g., economic growth rate, etc.).


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I like the approach of thinking about a dummy variable and a quantitative variable (if referencing years against some baseline).

The question I have for you is this: Do you want to look specifically at those few years versus the rest of the years, meaning that pre and post recession are the same for attendance, but during the recession attendance went down, OR do you think that all 3 periods may be different for attendance?

The next question is whether or not you think the difference in years/periods is best represented by discrete jumps/drops (staircase) or a more smooth relationship?