Best method for analysing repeated measures data to show correlation


Thanks in advance for you help.

I am currently conducting an experiment and would like to get opinions on the best way to go about analysing my data.

My experimental design is simple. I have participants experience short audio clips 10 seconds in length. Each clip varies on one of 5 dimensions such as note length, number of notes per second, frequency of the notes etc.

Each participant rated 67 clips on a happy/sad 7 point scale.

I would like to show correlation between the dimensions of the clips and the emotion rating. I'm assuming I can't do a regular correlation because of the repeated nature of my experiment. Ultimately I'd like to do a regression analysis to show a model of how the clip dimensions work together to affect emotion.

I have some basic familiarity with SPSS and have done repeated measures ANOVAs before but I believe this is a little different.

Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks,