Best statistical analysis to use for my research (ANOVA or other correlation test)


I am new in this forum and I have very little knowledge in statistics. I have a research about air pollution. I get samples of air pollutants and measure their mass concentration. Simultaneously, I get the mean temperature, mean precipitation, mean solar radiation, mean wind speed, and mean humidity during my sampling day. Overall, I have 5 weather parameters. I also use a 6-stage sampler and another sampler which means that I have 7 categories for my samples. (Each stage corresponds to a category.) I want to know how each weather parameter affects the mass concentration of air pollutants.

To summarize, I have 5 parameters which affect my samples that are differentiated into 7 groups. I need to know how the parameters affect the samples' mass. The 6 groups have the same number of samples while the number of samples for the last group is different from the six. Which is the best, yet simplest possible, statistical analysis to use?

P.S. My adviser suggests on using ANOVA, but I have read from this forum that ANOVA is not recommended for continuous data that I have. My mass and weather data are all continuous.

Thank you very much for all your help.
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