Better late than never?

Although I have been a member since 2010, I've never done the polite thing and introduced myself..:wave:

I am a forester interested in sampling and inventory design. It is a real challenge to me and so I've ended up trying to catch up on math, probability and statistics, but also trying my best to learn R and TeX.

Since it is getting increasingly difficult to speak to people about what I do, I thought this might be a good place to be a bit social with peers. :) However I admit it is a bit overly social in the sense that anyone can read what is written! So, I'll most likely keep to my low-profile ways for another couple of years or so.. sifting through other peoples questions and answers! ;)

Thank you for the nice forum - I appreciate it!


Ambassador to the humans
Hi! :welcome:

We'd love it if you chip in with whatever you have to say! Also know that once you get to about 120 posts there is a way to be a little more social here without it being so open to the public. Hope to see you around.