Binary Logistic Regression


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Hello, this is a newbie question, so please bear with me:)

I have a dataset and I need to perform a binary logistic regression.
The dependent variable is nominal, (1,2) but has also an unknown value (0). In the define data properties window, the unknown value is defined as missing.
I need to perform a logical regr. w/ 2 scale and 1 nominal variable as covariates. I defined the nominal as categorical in the logistic regression dialog box.

Now, the problem is, whatever I do --change the method, enter only one covariate, etc, all the predicted values turn out as 1s... ie. the model does not compute properly.

I tried to delete the missing value (0) incase that was the problem, but I get the same thing. Only if I perform a multinomial regression, the results end up more 'normal' let's say.
Now, is there something I can do, like a test or anything? Something to check the integrity of my dataset?

If someone is willing I could also upload my data set for further inspection.
Thanks in advance!


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Thank you very much for the quick replied.
I tried what you suggest --recode into a dummy variable w/ 0 and 1 as values, but it doesn't work -- but now, as expected, the internal values equal the original values, so I only get 0s :)