Binomial Random Variables

Hey guys! I'm having some real trouble with these questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

1.) A baseball player has a lifetime batting average of 0.183. If, in a season, this player has 250 "at bats", what is the probability he gets 29 or more hits?
Probability of 29 or more hits =

2.) A man claims to have extrasensory perception (ESP). As a test, a fair coin is flipped 30 times, and the man is asked to predict the outcome in advance. He gets 27 out of 30 correct. What is the probability that he would have done at least this well if he had no ESP?
Probability =


TS Contributor
decide what your random variable is, what is the distribution of it and the parameter of the distribution. Then it is a simple matter of applying the distribution formula. Come back to check your results here.

Good luck!