Calculating F-Value in multiple regression model

Dear all,

I am currently studying for my exam econometrics and i cant find a formula on how to calculate an F value. This is the question:

Suppose someone is interested in the relationship between the UK real consumption growth (∆Ct), real income growth (∆Yt) and the growth in real investment (∆It), and proceed in estimating the following regression: ∆Ct = β1 + β2 ∆Yt + β3 ∆It + et. Model (1) (Note that C, Y, and I are in log levels).
The estimates, produced via the least squares estimation method, are presented as follows: ∆Ct = 0.1810 + 1.8959 ∆Yt − 0.0704 ∆It (t) (1.8959) (8.4198) (−3.7017)
The sample N = 92; the sum of squared residuals Σt êt 2 = 39.3601; and the standard deviation of the dependent variable s∆C = 0.8861.
The t-statistics are reported in the brackets.

3. Carry on with the F-test for the overall significance of the regression Model (1), which of the following gives the correct F-test statistic?
A. 36.28
B. 25.00
C. 24.46
D. 75.00

Could someone explain how to calculate the F-test? I know the answer is A, but not how