Calculating p-value from regression equation??? Please help!

Please help me with this question-

Stoaches are fictional creatures that nest in truffula forests.
A researcher wants to know whether there is a relationship between a stoach’s wingspan ( W, the predictor) and its nest height (H, the response). A sample of 87 stoaches is observed, and for each, the wing-span (in cm) and the nest height (in m) are recorded.
The observed data meet the assumptions for a linear regression, so the researcher fits the regression model and obtains a regression equation
with standard error for the coefficient of w equal to 0.166.
Determine the p -value from a test for a statistically significant linear dependence of nest height on wing-span. (Give your answer to 4 decimal places.)

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Hi Dee,

Ho did you try to solve the question?

Hint: To calculate the p-value you use the T Statistic=Coefficient/SE (DF_residuals)
I don't see a reason why not using the T distribution. (but when the sample size is big enough you may also use the normal distribution)