Can someone please confirm if I have selected the right tests for hypothesis testing?


this is my first post here, hope that I'm doing this correctly!

I'm taking a statistics course for my master's where we need to do some hypothesis testing with a pre-defined data set using R. I am unsure about what the most appropriate statistical test to use is, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to help.

The data set is composed of presumably fictional data from an online film streaming service with a total of 200 films and we are supposed to test the effect of online advertising on streams. 100 films were advertised and 100 films were not advertised. Each row contains data for one film. The information in the columns contains the streams in SD, the streams in HD (both ratio scale), customer ratings (on a 1-5 scale, so interval?) and some categorical information like the genre and whether the film was nominated for an Academy Award.

We need to evaluate the following four questions.

1. Whether there is a significant difference in the number of films that were advertised versus those that were not advertised (we need to do this separately for SD and HD)
2. Whether there is there a significant difference in streams between movies in HD and SD quality
3. Whether there is a significant association between film genres and academy award nominations
4. Whether there is a significant difference in customer ratings in nominated vs. non-nominated films.

I was thinking about which tests to run and this is what I came up with.

1. Independent-means t-test
2. Dependent-means t-test
3. Chi-square test
4.Independent-means t-test

Could anyone confirm if these are appropriate? I am doing this for the first time and am therefore unsure.

Many thanks!