Can you help me decide if there is statistical significance here?

Hi, I've attached a word file - it contains exam results.

There were two sessions - one AM and one PM. .

I am trying to work out if there is a statistical significance between the achievement of the AM and PM groups and whether moderation should have occurred here?

Can anyone help?

I have no idea how to do this?

Many Many thanks
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You have a lot going on here in the tables and you did not describe your context very well. People generally get back what they put into their posts. So I will be generous and try to help you.

To paraphrase: 1 out of 18 students failed in AM and 5 out of 18 in the PM? Your question is whether this is greater than chance, correct?
Yes, sorry, that's right - I wasn't very specific.

What I want to know:

is there any statistical significance between the AM number of failed stations and the amount of stations failed PM)?

Is there any statistical significance between the individual stations AM and PM (For the two most failed stations).

I'm happy to do the maths but I have no idea where to start sadly?
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